WATCH: AOC Loses Her Mind, Screeches Uncontrollably During Bronx Rally


U.S. Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has been the subject of ridicule on social media this weekend after she delivered a bizarre, rambling speech during a rally in the Bronx.

Just weeks after former President Trump drew thousands to a historic rally in the Democrat stronghold, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez attempted replicate. AOC’s rally drew a fraction of the crowd for her own rally in the Bronx on Saturday, however, as a few hundred supporters turned out in the extreme heat.

From the moment she took the stage to Cardi B’s “Enough,” AOC attempted to hype up the crowd by bouncing around and making hand gestures. “Are we ready?! Are we ready I can’t hear you!” the far-left congresswoman said after taking the podium.

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She proceeded to deliver a lengthy, rambling speech about “taking our country back,” even though Democrats control the White House, the Senate and have been able to prevent House Republicans from doing much of anything given their slim majority. AOC was at times inaudible throughout the speech, at one point knocking over her microphone.

The “squad” Democrat ranted at length about the conflict in Gaza, frequently accusing Israel of supporting genocide.

AOC joined fellow progressive Democrats for the rally in support of U.S. Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), who is locked in a tight primary contest George Latimer. Bowman’s anti-Israel stances have contributed to the tightening of the race, as significant funding has come in against him.

According to a new report from Jewish Insider, a number of prominent community leaders in the New York suburban district have backed away from their previous support of Bowman, who currently trails his moderate, pro-Israel opponent by double digits ahead of their primary later this month.

Bowman is also reeling from a bombshell plagiarism allegation.

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