DNC Member Sends Urgent Plan To Party Chair To Replace Biden


A veteran Democratic National Committee (DNC) member has publicly called for the replacement of President Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for the 2024 presidential election. This comes after a notably poor debate performance by Biden, which has since spiraled into a contentious discussion within the party as well as the public.

James Zogby, who has served more than three decades on the DNC, revealed his concerns on CNN, saying that “in politics, two weeks, three weeks become a lifetime.” He proposed a rapid yet structured primary process leading up to the convention, suggesting that this could invigorate the party and potentially reshape the upcoming election dynamics. According to Zogby, the process would involve a limited field of candidates endorsed by at least 40 DNC members or delegates, leading to a series of town halls and culminating in a streamlined convention.

“It would be an exciting process, you all in the media would be covering it wall to wall from noon to one in the morning every day. It would be like the Kennedy election in 1960,” Zogby explained “Here’s the point. Instead of this happening, Joe Biden leaving later in the process toward the convention and handing it off to Kamala Harris, it would give her an opportunity to show her stuff in an engaged democratic process.”

The initiative has reportedly received mixed reactions within the DNC, with some members expressing their support while others await cues from the party leadership. Zogby acknowledged the uncertainty of his proposal’s reception by higher-ups but remained adamant about its necessity, framing it as a solution to multiple risks, including the fear of electoral chaos or a Trump victory.


A significant faction within the Democratic Party is increasingly anxious about their electoral future and have been calling for drastic measures. Some party members worry that continuing with Biden might lead to electoral setbacks, especially given the charged political climate and the looming challenge from former President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, public and internal party surveys suggest a growing appetite for a fresh Democratic candidate who could more effectively counter Republican strategies and rejuvenate the party’s prospects in the 2024 election. The idea of a mini-primary and revamped nomination process appears to resonate with a segment of movable voters who might prefer an alternative to Biden, according to recent polls. That said, Biden has attributed his lackluster showing to fatigue from extensive travel, including trips to France and Italy.

Vice President Kamala Harris and Democratic Congressman Lloyd Duggan of Texas are among those addressing concerns about Biden’s ability to serve, with Duggan publicly urging Biden to step aside. Democratic officials, donors, and allies are increasingly vocal about their doubts, with some advocating for a decision on Biden’s campaign this week. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other prominent Democrats have questioned whether Biden’s debate performance was an isolated incident or indicative of a broader issue.

The White House acknowledged that questions about Biden’s health are fair game, with reports of more frequent lapses in his speeches. New CNN polling shows 75% of voters believe Democrats have a better chance without Biden as the nominee. Biden’s allies suggest his recent explanation for the debate performance—blaming travel fatigue—might not be reassuring to voters.

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