Barron Trump Describes Hilarious Story About Living with His Father


Barron Trump over the weekend opened up about the awkwardness of living with his father post-high school, sharing a heartwarming story with podcasters about life at Mar-a-Lago this summer.

The 18-year-old golden child is in the midst of preparing to embark for college and is spending the summer serving in a prominent role with the Trump campaign. However, it was the peccadilloes of sharing a roof with former President Donald Trump that garnered the most attention to Barron’s recent interview with Fox News host Jesse Watters, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana, according to the American Tribune.

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One of the hosts recounted dining with Barron at the estate before recording their interview. “[We were in the middle of talking] and all of a sudden music comes on so loud,” one of the hosts explained. “We asked what it was and Barron said, ‘my dad’s the freakin’ DJ [in this house]’.

Trump has been spotted rocking the party with his iPad, which he loves, according to Barron. However, the volume of his jamming can be overbearing at times, he added. “All you see is the president on his iPad, the lights on his face… Barron’s like, ‘I’ll be in my room and the house is shaking. My dad plays the music so loud,’” the host added, prompting some of his colleagues to burst into laughter. All kidding aside, he added that Barron “has a good head on his shoulders.”

Others complimented Barron, who may serve as a delegate to the Republican National Convention this month, with having the style and grace to host a dinner with high-profile guests. “He’s a professional. At the end [of the dinner] he was like, ‘Vinny, whenever you guys want to come for dinner, hit me up’. It was amazing,” they said.

Former President Donald Trump has lavished praise on his youngest, remarking on his height and brilliance while predicting Barron may follow in his footsteps one day. “He’s amazing, actually, in a circle here, he’s tall, good looking guys, a very good student, and he’s, he’s applied to colleges and gets into everywhere he goes. You know, he’s very sought after from the standpoint, he’s a very smart guy, he’s very tall guy, but he’s, and he’s, he’s a great kid. He’s, he’s cool, he’s pretty cool,” Trump said, the outlet previously reported.

In May, the family came together to watch Barron nab his diploma from a Florida prep school, walking down the aisle with his fellow graduates as they expressed optimism about their futures. In a post on X, the popular Melania Trump fan account “FLOTUS Report” congratulated the young man and posted several family photos from the event.

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