Another Concert Malfunction Embarrasses Taylor Swift in Tour Appearance


Taylor Swift is attempting to shake off a humbling moment while taking her “Eras” tour through Dublin, Ireland over the weekend. Video of the incident captured the 34-year-old singer catching her costume a concert structure, forcing a backup dancer to rush to her aid in the middle of a ballad.

People Magazine reported on the incident and found video of Swift getting stuck on a raised platform Saturday, forcing one of her dancers to lend her a helping hand. The mishap came as Swift was belting out lines from “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived,” a signature tour track from her latest album, “The Tortured Poets Department.” Retraction of a platform inside Aviva Stadium did not go as planned, the outlet added, leading dancer Jan Ravnik to assist her in stepping down. Fan footage show the two trading smiles as Swift continues to sing as if nothing happened.

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Another angle shows Swift looking around for help as Ravnik struts up to her position, swirling her around in his arms while an appreciative crowd continues singing along.



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Swift is halfway through the two-year global tour, a billion-dollar enterprise that all told will see her complete more than 150 three-hour shows. Much has been made about the pop star’s ability to rescue economies from a recession thanks to the injection of free-flowing spending from Swifties eagle to snatch up tickets going for thousands of dollars apiece. Her latest album was released earlier this year to mixed reviews and some consternation over the inclusion of lyrics about whitewashing racism in earlier centuries.

People added that Swift thanked the Irish crowd for providing her inspiration to release “The Tortured Poets Department.”

“Folklore in general, it just belongs in Ireland,” she told her fans following the on-stage debacle. “How I imagined the album world looking [was like] Ireland. Storytelling with lots of different characters. You guys have that on lock, too. That’s very Irish, the storytelling.”

“When I was making this album, it was two days into the pandemic that I started Folklore, I wasn’t in Ireland. So I had to create an album where the imaginary world that I pretended to go to every single day while I was writing it… I gotta be honest, kinda seemed like Ireland,” the Grammy winner told the crowd. “So we’re back to where we belong!”

Other artists, meanwhile, have taken good-natured jabs at Swift for conducting nearly flawless performances night after night. In June, Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl declared his band’s roadshow the “Errors Tour,” sharply comparing his band’s raw live musical performance with Swift’s clean appearance on stage.

“I’ll tell you what, you don’t want to suffer the wrath of Taylor Swift,” Grohl joked midway through a June concert in London. So we like to call our tour ‘The Errors Tour.’

“We’ve had more than a few eras, and more than a few f****** errors as well. Just a couple,” Grohl told the audience. “That’s because we actually play live. What? Just saying. You guys like raw, live rock ‘n’ roll music, right? You came to the right f****** place.”


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