WATCH: Tucker Carlson UNLOADS On Liberal Reporters, Audience Roars With Approval


Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson unleashed a critique of both the media and political leaders during a question-and-answer session that followed his speech in front of a packed audience in Australia. The event quickly turned into a spectacle as he responded to a reporter’s question that lightly veered into a discussion on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Carlson, known for his unapologetic conservative stance, began by addressing the reporter from the Sydney Morning Herald, who praised his uplifting comments about Australia before segueing into a question about Putin, subtly suggesting Carlson had avoided the topic.

Carlson accused the media of being stuck in a “time capsule,” likening the persistence of the COVID narrative to “the last Japanese soldier on Okinawa who thinks the war’s still going.” Carlson also criticized Boris Johnson, whom he labeled a “criminal buffoon” responsible for exacerbating the conflict in Ukraine.

Carlson’s rhetoric escalated as he defended his journalistic integrity against accusations of being a “useful idiot” for Putin. He argued that Western media and governments were complicit in significant global issues, including the destruction of Ukraine and biased reporting. “The tragedy of what’s happened in Ukraine, orchestrated by the Western powers, including your government, and driven by my government, I feel shame about it, I hope you do too, is really one of the great crimes of my lifetime,” Carlson said.


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“I find disgusting, actually, this alignment between media organizations and the government. I think it’s a perfect inversion of what you’re supposed to do. If you’re a journalist, your job is to challenge power on behalf of the powerless,” Carlson said.

Carlson has ignited conversation down under on his “Australian Freedom Conference” speaking tour, captivating audiences alongside notable figures like Clive Palmer, Dinesh D’Souza, and Dr. Melissa McCann. The tour has garnered attention across Australia with stops in major cities including Cairns, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne, from June 21 to July 1.

Carlson secured an exclusive interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin in February, marking the first time a Western reporter has sat down with Putin since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. He has often created controversy with his remarks on international figures, notably the Russian President. His perspective on Putin has been characterized by a certain level of admiration, particularly in the context of Putin’s leadership style, which Carlson sometimes contrasts with political figures in the West.

In various segments on his show, Carlson has called attention to what he sees as strengths in Putin’s governance, often pointing to his decisiveness and strong nationalistic approach. This has created debate among viewers and political analysts, especially considering the larger geopolitical tensions involving Russia. His views are seen by some as a necessary counterbalance in a media landscape they believe is often too critical of Russia, while others criticize him for oversimplifying complex international dynamics and potentially downplaying the threats posed by Putin’s policies.

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