Tech CEO Who Raised Millions For Obama Announces ‘Divorce’ From Democrats, Endorses Trump


A longtime Democrat fundraiser who helped to raise millions for former President Barack Obama is revealing that she is now “divorced” from her former party and will instead be supporting former President Donald Trump in 2024.

Allison Huynh founded the robotics and AI systems firm Willow Garage, which was eventually sold to Google. Along with her then-husband, Google programmer Scott Hassan, Huynh helped to raise millions of dollars for the Obama campaign in 2008 by hosting extravagant “$50,000- and $100,000-per-plate dinners,” for prominent Silicon Valley figures, according to a report from the New York Post.

Huynh recently sat down for an interview with Fox News host Jesse Watters in which she discussed her recent “divorce” from the Democrat Party. “Like any divorce, there’s not just one thing, there’s a series of things that led up to it,” she said.

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The former Democrat financier pointed to a number of issues that have her concerned, including spikes in crime, homelessness and civil unrest plaguing a number of blue cities across the country.

“The Democrats were policing the wrong things,” Huynh said. “The things that we need to police are violent criminals that are scattered throughout the streets of San Francisco, people defecating, shooting up heroin in front of me and my kids, and allowing criminals to go in and steal from our grocery stores, shutting down grocery stores,” she continued.

In 2008, Huynh purchased a Shepard Fairey piece of artwork inspired by the Obama “Hope” posters. In a separate interview with Fox News, she described herself as a “hopeful” person and believed that Obama had “great ideas” at the time.

An Obama campaign poster from 2008

As her loyalty to her former party evaporates, however, the tech entrepreneur is auctioning off the piece and plans to vote for former President Donald Trump in November.

“You have to look at the facts and the reality. When you walk the streets of San Francisco, I have three young children and when we go to the theater district… we have to step over homeless people shooting crack. And anyone can come to San Francisco and they can see the same thing,” she said.

“I love my Peking duck, but I’m afraid to go to Chinatown because of the violent crimes against Asians there.”

Hyunh is the latest former Democrat fundraiser to defect to the Trump campaign in recent weeks. “Part of what we have seen over the last four years I came from a one-party state and like a lot of people in California and in Silicon Valley, I saw the Democratic Party get hijacked by the Squad and woke theology,” Helberg told Fox News earlier this month. “President Biden campaigned as a moderate and ultimately has governed as a radical progressive. He has spent all of his time catering to his base, and ultimately, he is now completely out of step with where the rest of the country is.”

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