WATCH: Reporter Passes Out During White House Press Briefing In Chaotic Moment


On Tuesday, a reporter fainted during the White House press briefing, leading to a brief pause and immediate concern from those present, including Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. The incident occurred as another journalist was posing a question regarding the timing of a new immigration initiative.

Mid-sentence, the room’s attention was diverted when Jean-Pierre noticed a reporter in distress and paused the briefing to check on them. The episode was caught live, with Jean-Pierre quickly addressing the situation by asking if the reporter was okay and if they needed water.

“I think we’re okay to move on. And does anybody need water?” KJP asked.

“Scotch, perhaps,” one reporter joked.

“That’s a whole other place, not here,” she responded.


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Social media reactions were swift, with comments ranging from sympathetic to sarcastic. One X user Martina Mason joked about the cause of the fainting, attributing it to “all the gaslighting.”

Another commented on the often cramped conditions of the press room.


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