WATCH: Dr. Jill Physically Leads President Biden Off The Debate Stage


A shocking video of the aftermath of Thursday night’s presidential debate shows First Lady Jill Biden assisting her husband off the stage after a historically poor performance.

After both Trump and Biden had delivered their closing statements, the broadcast devolved into an awkward 10-20 seconds where the two candidates could be seen standing at their respective podiums without direction. The feed then cut away without showing either man exit the stage.

Moments later, video emerged of First Lady Biden physically guiding the president off his podium. Trump walked off the stage without issue, but the commander-in-chief appeared to be struggling to move as his wife attempted to direct him.

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The most high-profile stage mishap of President Biden’s tenure comes just under two weeks after former President Barack Obama was forced to lead him off stage at an LA fundraiser. Biden appeared lost as he stared into and waved at members of the crowd before his former boss could be seen placing his hand on the president’s shoulder and escorting him towards the exit.

Just days before, Biden once again wandered off stared into space following a parachuting exhibit at the G7 summit in Italy. Italian Prime Minister Meloni was forced — like Dr. Jill and President Obama — to grab the president’s hand and escort him back to the group of assembled world leaders.

The brutal exit capped off a disastrous night for Democrats that has sent the party into a full-blown panic. Former White House advisor Van Jones stated that Biden’s performance was “terrible” and called on the president to step aside.

Jones’ co-panelist, Peter King, reported that a number of high-profile Democrat strategists, political officeholders and fundraisers are seriously considering the possibility of replacing Biden ahead of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago this August.

It remains unclear how such an action would proceed, as leading candidates for such a maneuver such as California Governor Gavin Newsom and Vice President Kamala Harris have thrown cold water on the idea.

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