‘THIS THING IS OVER’: Cenk Uygur Guarantees Biden Will Lose Election After Horrible Biden Debate


Cenk Uygur, the longtime host of the far-left program “The Young Turks,” declared that President Biden was finished after a disastrous debate performance on Thursday night.

“Guys, this thing’s over. Joe Biden is a disaster. And nobody’s even listening to anything he’s saying,” Uygur began. So if you care a lot about politics, you’re trying to focus on what he’s saying as we are, obviously. And Trump keeps saying one crazy lunatic thing after another, right? But Biden has no ability to counter here.”

The progressive host went on to point to Biden’s numerous freeze-ups throughout the debate, stating that the split-screen of Biden and Trump was “killing” the president. “And the whole time the split screen is killing Biden. Because he’s got his mouth open, he looks confused, doesn’t know where he is. He’s lost his train of thought at least twice in disastrous shape. Those are going to be played a billion times in viral video after viral video. This is an epic disaster,” Uygur continued.

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“I see people online saying, ‘well, okay, that answer wasn’t so bad.’ No, it doesn’t. Any particular answer doesn’t matter at all. This thing is over. He looks like he’s barely surviving. I don’t mean the debate, I mean life,” he said.

“And so there’s no person that has a single brain cell left in their head who thinks that Joe Biden is the best candidate to take on Donald Trump. You would have to be even crazier than Donald Trump to think that. This thing is over, over. I’ll guarantee you this. I would bet any, show me a Democratic politician and I will bet them any amount of money that Joe Biden’s going to lose this election if he’s the candidate. It’s a guaranteed loss.”

The “Young Turks” host was far from the only far-left media figure to sound the alarm over Biden’s performance.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid told her fellow panelists that her phone was blowing up from Democrats expressing “panic” over the debate. “I too was on the phone throughout much of the debate with Obama world people with Democrats, with people who are political operatives, with campaign operatives, my phone really never stopped buzzing throughout. And the universal reaction was somewhere approaching panic,” she said.

The people who were texting with me were very concerned about President Biden seeming extremely feeble, seeming extremely weak.”

Reid stressed that the panic was not coming from everyday Democrat voters, but from veteran campaign strategists and “Obama world” White House officials.

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