‘Transgender Non-Binary’ Female Athlete Qualifies For U.S. Olympic Team


Nikki Hiltz, who identifies as “non-binary transgender,” has made the United States Olympic team after winning the 1,500-meter race over the weekend.

Hiltz is a biological female who describes herself as “gender fluid.” The track athlete stated that she was transgender in 2021, though she noted that her gender “fluctuates daily.”

“Hi I’m Nikki and I’m transgender. That means I don’t identify with the gender I was assigned at birth. The word I use currently to describe my gender is non-binary,” Hiltz said.

“The best way I can explain my gender is as fluid. Sometimes I wake up feeling like a powerful queen and other days I wake up feeling as if I’m just a guy being a dude, and other times I identify outside of the gender binary entirely.”

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Hiltz still identifies as a woman given the fact that she competes in women’s athletics.

“A female who identifies as trans earned a spot on the U.S. women’s Olympic team,” said women’s sports activist Riley Gaines in an X psot. “I wonder why she didn’t try out for the men’s team. It’s almost as if she understands she would never be able to compete or succeed at same level against the men. Telling.”

In a follow-up post, Gaines clarified that she is happy that Hiltz was able to qualify for the team. She was able to qualify against other biological women despite “identifying” as transgender, meaning that she did not have any edge over her opponents, an edge enjoyed by men who compete in women’s sports.

Let it be known I think it’s great that she earned a spot on the women’s team. Incredible feat (so long as no PEDs are used),” Gaines said. “Just pointing out the hypocrisy and double standard. The women’s category has become a catch all.”

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