WATCH: Biden Awkwardly Caresses Man’s Arm After Shaking His Hand


President Joe Biden was caught on video in an uncomfortable gesture after engaging in a routine handshake with a man during a public appearance. Biden was seen lingering, caressing the man’s arm in a manner that appeared awkward and out of place.

The video spread on social media, showing Biden shaking hands before his hand trailed down the man’s arm. This is not the first time Biden’s tactile approach with people has come under fire. His conduct has been a topic of discussion throughout his career, with similar instances occurring in recent months.

Symptomatic of larger issues, Biden has reinforced worries among Democrats that his missteps are overshadowing the party’s strategic objectives. This comes in the wake of a notably poor performance in the debate, as an increasing contingent of Democratic leaders are suggesting that Biden consider stepping down for the party’s—and nation’s—benefit.


Behind closed doors, influential figures within the Democratic Party are voicing a critical need for leadership renewal.

The president has lost significant ground in key swing states, while his Campaign is barely holding on in longtime blue states like Minnesota and even Colorado, according to their own poll. This represents a massive shift from earlier in the year.


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