Ben Shapiro OWNS Eric Swalwell During House Hearing: ‘Congrats On Becoming A Republican’


During Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on the implications of “Collusion in the Global Alliance for Responsible Media,” Ben Shapiro, co-founder of The Daily Wire, threw a zinger at Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA).

The hearing heated up when Swalwell attempted to navigate the discussion toward the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025, prompting an interruption from Shapiro. As Swalwell fumbled through his words, trying to pin down Shapiro on bureaucracy and government efficiency, Shapiro’s quick wit was on full display.

“You probably want less bureaucracy, right?” Swalwell asked.

“I do,” said Shapiro.

“You want more efficiency?” Swalwell asked again.

“I do,” Shapiro said again.

“You want taxpayer money spent wisely?” he followed up one last time.

“I do. Congrats on becoming a Republican,” Shapiro joked.


The committee’s early morning report shed light on the shady practices of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), accusing them of conspiring to demonetize unfavored online content. Shapiro’s testimony hopes to shed light on the political drivers of this censorship, detailing its effects on media liberty and the unsuccessful efforts to muzzle voices from The Daily Wire, Fox News, and Breitbart, including prominent figures like Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, and Donald Trump.

“These people do not like conservatives. Again, do not take my word for it, here’s what employees at Group M said to GARM’s leader about Fox News, The Daily Wire, and Breitbart News,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said before referring to individuals who reportedly said, “they hated their [conservative] ideology.”

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D, NY), the top Democrat on the committee, supported GARM in his initial remarks, stating that it is essential to eliminate “racist” content from the internet. He also claimed that The Daily Wire and similar platforms contain “hate speech” and “violent propaganda.”

Shapiro’s testimony revealed that GARM collaborated to demonetize conservative commentators and news organizations such as The Daily Wire. “There is in fact an informal pressure system created by Democratic legislators, this White House, legacy media, advertisers, and pseudo-objective brand safety organizations,” Shapiro claimed. “That system guarantees that advertising dollars flow only to left-wing media brands.”

Rep. Pramila Jayapal criticized Ben Shapiro for his remarks, charging him with expressing “hateful” views. Shapiro was not allowed to respond. “One of our witnesses has repeatedly made hateful and derogatory comments about LGBTQ+ people in the past,” Jayapal stated

“Mr. Shapiro has argued that transgender and gay Americans suffer from a psychological disorder or mental illness and has denigrated same-sex couples raising children. I and my fellow Americans find this deeply offensive,” she claimed.

“If they simply wish to levy a boycott against a right-wing source, they should just say that’s what they’re doing,” Shapiro eventually said. “Hiding behind fake standards to project objectivity is a significant issue for market transparency.”

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