WATCH: Maxine Waters Suffers Hilarious Hair Malfunction During Awkward CNN Visit


Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) found herself in a hairy situation during a CNN interview last night. While tackling heavy questions about President Joe Biden’s fitness for office, Waters battled a far more immediate concern: her rebellious wig.

The scene unfolded as CNN’s Abby Phillip posed sharp questions about the Democratic strategy in the upcoming election, contrasting the performance of President Biden with that of former President Donald Trump. Amid the serious conversation, Waters’ hair seemed to have its own agenda.

Every attempt by Waters to corral her mane back into place seemed only to exacerbate the situation, leading to an awkward ballet of pats, tucks, and readjustments. The Congresswoman appeared momentarily undone by her own hairpiece.

“It sounds like you’re talking about saying and doing all the same things, but do you believe that something needs to change?” Phillip pressed on, perhaps unknowingly echoing the silent plea of Waters’ wig for a new strategy. “I think we need to keep working,” Waters responded.


Questions about President Biden’s fitness have culminated for Democrats in recent weeks. On Wednesday, actor and prominent Democratic donor George Clooney urged President Biden to step aside from the 2024 presidential race. Clooney described a noticeable decline in Biden’s capabilities, contrasting with his previous impressions of the president during a fundraiser three weeks earlier.

However, Democratic aides close to the president expressed their intention to move past this discussion, concentrating instead on strategizing to overcome former President Trump in the 2024 election.


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