WATCH: James Carville Hilariously Melts Down Over ‘Fools’ Calling America ‘Republic’


A middle school civic war is brewing between supporters of former President Donald Trump and liberal media analysts like James Carville who incited a middle school civics lesson war over America’s form of government.

The onetime advisor to former President Bill Clinton has made headlines in recent months for bashing his party’s intransigence on cultural virtue signaling over kitchen table matters that polls show matter most to voters. What took him off-message, however, was a relatively inconsequential debate about whether America is a “democracy” or a “republic.” Carville, sporting a Lousiana State University shirt to rep where he now teaches, sounded off on MAGA supporters who have been trolling liberal commentators warning that Trump represents a threat to American democracy.

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“They did this thing and they’re interviewing these people. And he says, ‘We’re not a democracy, we’re a republic. We’re not a democracy, we’re a republic.’ An so finally, the guy says, ‘What is a republic?’ And of course, there I am. Let me name a republic for you: North Korea, okay? Iran calls itself a republic. Remember the DGR, the German Democratic Republic? And so, about all it means, to the extent other than just people referring to themselves and I don’t think North Korea is approaching a democracy. Of course it’s not, or Iran, or remember the USSR? What was the ‘R’ in the USSR?” Carville said, slouching in his chair at home in a video spotted by the Daily Caller.”

“Alright, so it’s colossally stupid. It doesn’t even account for anything and these people are giant fools,” Carville continued. “And of course, you read or study this in ninth grade … it’s a representative democracy, not a participatory democracy. And they’ll point to some town in New Hampshire where the whole town votes on something. But just people have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about and they just blabber the stupidest shit that you can imagine. And that is the big talking point: ‘Well, we’re a republic, we’re not a democracy.’ What the fuck is a republic? Anybody can call themselves a republic. I give the Brits credit, at least they don’t try to pretend.”


Carville’s reaction came shortly after Anne Applebaum, a historian of European communism in the 20th century, appeared on CNN to surmise that allies of Trump are repeating the “republic” assertion to downplay that the former president represents a threat to America’s form of government, whatever one considers it to be.

“You are hearing people say America is not a democracy because there are people around Trump who want them to be saying that, who’ve been planting that narrative,” Applebaum asserted, the Caller added. CNN largely harped on that point while searching the country to highlight the pervasive belief among conservatives that America is a republic, not a democracy.


Meltdowns from the man who made “it’s the economy, stupid” a stapled slogan of American politics are nothing new this year. As younger and more diverse voters have drifted away from the Biden coalition and announced their support for Trump in increasing numbers, Carville has publicly chastised his party. “Democrat messaging is full of sh*t,” he said during a recent podcast appearance. In another video, he issued an ominous prediction about what these young and naive voters will unleash if they support the Republican in November.

“If they get a hold, there will be no government left, there’ll be no rights left, you’ll live under theocracy, you’ll end up in Christian nationalism,” Carville claimed, referring to Trump.

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