BREAKING: Leaked Internal Polling Memo Shows Biden Barreling Towards LANDSLIDE Defeat


A leaked Biden Campaign polling memo obtained by Puck News shows President Biden barreling towards a landslide defeat. The president has lost significant ground in key swing states in the days following his disastrous debate performance, while the Biden Campaign is barely holding on in longtime blue states like Minnesota and even Colorado, according to their own poll.

The memo was put together after the debate by OpenLabs, which is the research arm of Future Forward, a progressive political action committee that has become a crucial part of Biden’s re-election bid. Puck News noted that while OpenLabs does not make much of their research public, their results are, “trusted in Democratic circles, and typically passed around to a small group of clients and strategists.”

One of these strategists leaked the memo to Puck News reporter Peter Hamby.

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The poll — which was conducted 72 hours after Thursday’s debate and emailed to party strategists on Sunday — found that a staggering 40 percent of respondents who voted for President Biden in 2020 now believe that he should suspend his campaign. This represents a massive shift from a previous survey in May, that found roughly a quarter of Biden 2020 voters said the same.

Biden took a particularly large hit among swing voters, as this demographic believes Biden should exit the race by a 2-to-1 margin.

The poll found that the president has only dropped slightly in the national race against former President Donald Trump, a figure that falls roughly in line with another internal poll released by the campaign in order to assuage the fears of Democrat voters. That poll, which was shared by top Biden pollster Geoff Garin over the weekend, found Biden trailing Trump by one percentage point.

“The debate had no effect on the vote choice,” Garin said. “The election was extremely close and competitive before the debate, and it is still extremely close and competitive today.” Polls conducted immediately after the debate by CNN and FiveThirtyEight suggested similarly negligible gains for Trump nationally, with CNN reporting that “just 5 percent of respondents say it changed their minds about whom to vote for.”

While OpenLabs found similar results at a national level, state-by-state results painted a dire picture for the Biden Campaign. In a poll including third-party candidates such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Biden has dropped by roughly two points in every single swing state, as well as a number of reliably blue states.

In Pennsylvania, a state Biden has visited often and claims as his home state, the president is now trailing by seven percentage points, down from five points before the debate. The same was true in Michigan, where he is also trailing Trump by seven points.

OpenLabs further found that Biden is trailing by 10 points in Arizona and Georgia, and by almost nine points in Nevada.

The most troubling results came from states that have not been considered battlegrounds throughout the campaign. In Virginia, New Mexico, New Mexico, Maine and Minnesota, Biden is holding his lead by just a fraction of a percentage point. In the blue state of Colorado, Biden leads by just two points.

OpenLabs also found Biden trailing in New Hampshire, a result that falls in line with a new survey from Saint Anselm College that also found the president trailing in the Granite State.

The progressive polling outfit also measured results for a number of high-profile Democrats who have been floated as potential replacements for Joe Biden, including California Governor Gavin Newson, Vice President Harris, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Every single replacement candidate polled better than President Biden.

A previous survey conducted back in September found no significant difference between potential replacement candidates and President Biden.

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