Trump Reels In MASSIVE Donation From Billionaire Twins


In a significant boost to his campaign, former President Donald Trump received a substantial donation from billionaire twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss on Thursday. The twins, known for their ventures in cryptocurrency, contributed a combined $2 million in Bitcoin to support Trump’s presidential bid largely due to their dissatisfaction with the Biden Administration’s approach to the crypto industry.

Tyler Winklevoss wrote on X to announce his donation, focusing on the adverse impacts of the current administration’s policies on the cryptocurrency sector. “I just donated $1 million in bitcoin (15.47 BTC) to @realDonaldTrump and will be voting for him in November. Here’s why: Over the past few years, the Biden Administration has openly declared war against crypto,” Tyler wrote. He criticized the administration for using government agencies to “bully, harass, and sue the good actors” in the crypto industry, calling it an “unprecedented abuse of power” that harms innovation and the economy.

Tyler outlined several issues, including what he called the “weaponization of the banking system against crypto companies and their principals,” referencing Operation Choke Point 2.0. Federal agencies like the OCC and FDIC have instructed banks to avoid dealing with crypto companies, threatening measures against those that do not comply. “The Biden Administration has dusted off the playbook and has been running it at full speed against the crypto industry,” he said, drawing parallels to similar actions during the Obama Administration.

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He also criticized the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Biden for failing to provide clear regulations for the crypto industry. “By not writing any new rules for crypto, the SEC can disingenuously say that the existing rules are fit for purpose. They are not,” Tyler argued, pointing out that outdated regulations from 1946 are ill-suited for modern digital assets. He claimed this lack of clarity allows the SEC to selectively target and litigate against crypto projects, stifling innovation and economic growth.

The Winklevoss twins are entrepreneurs and investors, famously known for their involvement in the early development of Facebook. They attended Harvard University where they were classmates with Mark Zuckerberg. They claimed that Zuckerberg stole their idea for a social networking site, originally conceived as ConnectU, and this led to a well-known legal battle. Beyond their Facebook saga, the Winklevoss twins have been significant figures in the cryptocurrency industry.

WASHINGTON MAY 3 – Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss arrive at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner May 3, 2014 in Washington, DC

They founded Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange and custodian, and have been vocal proponents of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Their investment in Bitcoin has garnered substantial attention, especially as the value of cryptocurrencies has fluctuated dramatically over the years.

Cameron Winklevoss echoed his brother’s sentiments in his own tweet on Thursday, writing, “I also just donated $1 million in bitcoin (15.47 BTC) to @realDonaldTrump and will be voting for him in November. Here’s the TL;DR — President Trump is: Pro-Bitcoin, Pro-Crypto, Pro-Business.”

The twins’ donations come at a critical time for Trump, who has been rallying support from various sectors of the economy. The Biden Administration’s approach to cryptocurrency regulation has been a contentious issue, with investors arguing that it stifles growth and innovation in a rapidly evolving industry.

Tyler concluded his tweet with a call to action for the crypto community: “President Donald J. Trump is the pro-Bitcoin, pro-crypto, and pro-business choice. This is not even remotely open for debate. Anyone who tells you otherwise is severely misinformed, delusional, or not telling the truth. It’s time to take our country back. It’s time for the crypto army to send a message to Washington. That attacking us is political suicide.”

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