Trump Makes Liberals Melt Down With New Video: ‘You Should Be Ashamed!’


Former President Donald Trump triggered liberals on Friday, releasing a digital video where he appeals to law enforcement in a battleground state that stoked fears he is making inroads over antipathy based on growing high-profile instances of crime under President Joe Biden.

The video, released on Trump’s Truth Social account, shows him working a line of at least a dozen police officers who bustle to shake his hand. A post accompanying the video thanks “our incredible Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officers.” Liberal viewers had a full-on meltdown, crying hypocrisy over the January 6th, 2021 riots and calling Trump a “convicted felon.” The Western Journal spotlighted some of the loudest screeching.

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On X, the account “PatriotTakes,” which bills itself as dedicated to “exposing right-wing extremism and other threats to democracy,” accused the phalanx of cops of “lining up to shake hands with a convicted felon.”


The account “Really American,” which counts nearly 700,000 followers, reposted the video, writing, “It is absolutely DISGRACEFUL to see so many members of Wisconsin law enforcement ‘bend the knee’ to a convicted felon who still faces dozens of indictments. ‘Law and order’ is now chaos and disorder.”

Retired General Michael Hayden, a four-star general and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Agency (NSA) who signed on to a 2016 letter declaring the Hunter Biden laptop “Russian disinformation,” wrote that the Wisconsin officers “should be ashamed.”

MAGA members were quick to point out the commentator’s shortcomings. “You should be in jail for the rest of your life Michael Hayden. You’re a traitor to America and a horrible human. Do us all a favor and leave,” wrote Paul Szypula. “Didn’t you tell everyone the Hunter laptop was fake,” added user @Travis_4_Trump. A third account circled Hayden’s face on a previous New York Post front page as part of the Hunter laptop letter signatorees.

The weight of poor polling in the presidential race is certainly weighing on Biden’s supporters these days. Liberals ironically pointed to a Fox News poll showing the unpopular incumbent collecting his first lead since October and more broadly have dismissed all others showing Trump leading in every major battleground state, often beyond the margin of error.

The “resistance” movement that surfaced following Trump’s 2016 win is torn between legitimizing an anticipated Trump victory and mobilizing to stop him. They have gone after liberal networks at times which have only hurt the cause by holding panels with swing state voters who have expressed sympathy for Trump because of his ongoing criminal trials. Observers can expect the heat to only increase as President Biden and his team make good on their promise to begin referring to Trump as a “convicted felon” more directly on the campaign trail.

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