Top Liberal Publication Predicts Landslide Victory For President Trump: ‘Clear Lead’


A prominent liberal publication has predicted a landslide victory for President Donald Trump in the upcoming 2024 U.S. presidential election, placing him in a clear lead over Democratic opponent Joe Biden. The forecast stands out notably because it comes from a source typically seen as favoring liberal viewpoints.

The Economist’s model integrates a variety of data sources, including state and national polls and economic indicators. It generates its predictions by running over 10,000 simulations of the election, taking into account potential shifts in voter preference and economic trends. As of Monday, the model gives President Trump a three-quarters chance of securing the electoral college victory required to retain his position in the White House.

The publication’s forecast also highlights several key states as crucial battlegrounds in determining the outcome of the election. Among these, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia are considered pivotal, with a collective worth of 77 electoral votes. Trump’s performance in these states is expected to be particularly strong, which could be decisive in the final count.

Historically, these swing states have swung between Democratic and Republican victories in past elections, making their prediction particularly challenging and their outcomes all the more critical. For instance, Trump carried five of the six states in 2016, but Biden won them all in 2020.

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The methodology involves a detailed analysis of polling data, both at the state and national levels, along with economic conditions that could influence voter behavior. The approach allows for a nuanced understanding of the electoral landscape, revealing not just who might win the popular vote but more importantly, who is likely to secure the electoral college. Significantly, the model emphasizes the importance of economic indicators as predictors of electoral success. With the economy often serving as a critical issue for many voters, the current economic conditions might be playing in favor of Trump, helping boost his chances according to the model’s simulations.

With the presidential debate just over two weeks away, the 90-minute debate in Atlanta on June 27 is highlighted as a pivotal event in the campaign schedule for this year, as Biden and Trump will be meeting for the first time since their debate in October 2020. Biden and Trump will each have a two-minute slot to respond to questions, after which they will have one minute to counter and reply.

The candidates will see red lights indicating they have five seconds remaining, which will flash solid red when the time is up. Additionally, each candidate’s microphone will be silenced when it is the other’s turn to speak, according to The New York Times. Trump and Biden have a clear dislike for one another. The former leader has described the latter as the worst in the history of the United States. During their initial meeting four years back, Trump dominated the conversation. In response, Biden reprimanded him, asking, “Will you keep quiet?”

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