The Hunt For Matthew Perry’s Killer Intensifies As New Person of Interest is Revealed


The saga surrounding Matthew Perry’s untimely death has seen new developments in the criminal investigation into his fatal overdose last October. Triggered by the discovery that the beloved actor succumbed to the “acute effects of ketamine,” authorities have been unearthing layers of his final months.

Perry, widely recognized for his role as Chandler Bing on the TV show “Friends,” tragically passed away at the age of 54. His death on October 28, 2023, was attributed to the acute effects of ketamine, as determined by an autopsy. The circumstances around his death have led to a complex investigation involving multiple law enforcement agencies, including the LAPD and DEA, which is exploring potential criminal charges related to how Perry obtained the ketamine. Authorities are investigating several individuals connected to the distribution of the drug, and involuntary manslaughter is considered a likely charge given the circumstances.

In June, a bombshell report disclosed a shocking new lead: law enforcement seized an iPhone and a laptop from a sober living residence in Los Angeles, belonging to none other than Brooke Mueller, a well-known socialite and actress famously linked as Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife. The two had reportedly formed an unlikely bond during one of Perry’s many stints in rehab.

An insider revealed to In Touch last month that Mueller, now living in a Los Angeles sober living facility, had a previous connection with Perry. “She had been in treatment with Matthew before, and they had a lot of ties in the acting community,” the source said. “It was an unexpected friendship, but they leaned on each other.”

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Mueller also appeared in various film and television projects, though much of her media coverage has focused on her personal life, including her struggles with substance abuse and her interactions with the legal system. Her relationship with Sheen, which included a highly publicized divorce and custody battles over their children, often overshadowed her career in entertainment.

In a later report, In Touch reported that a second celebrity might be involved in the investigation into Perry’s death. A source claims that this celebrity, along with Perry, pretended to be sober but were actually heavily medicated, often engaging in deep conversations about their struggles with addiction, sobriety, and personal matters into the late hours. Additionally, there is photographic evidence showing Perry and this second individual at a doctor’s office known for prescribing ketamine, which sparks further intrigue.

The source suspects that Perry and his celebrity friend might have helped each other by recommending their own doctors to maintain their drug supplies when needed. Ketamine, the drug that caused Perry’s death, affects the central nervous system, leading to severe respiratory depression, significant changes in heart rate and blood pressure, and reduced levels of consciousness, which can all contribute to a potentially deadly outcome.

In cases of a ketamine overdose, the central nervous system’s depressant effects might overwhelm the body’s ability to maintain vital functions. This can result in a critical decrease in breathing rate and depth, potentially leading to hypoxia (a lack of oxygen reaching the brain and other vital organs) and respiratory failure. Additionally, ketamine can cause cardiovascular complications, including arrhythmias or drastic changes in blood pressure, further increasing the risk of a fatal outcome.

Perry’s investigation remains ongoing as officials determine the full scope and responsibility for the events leading to his death.

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