Gavin Newsom Trolled By Massive Crowd of Trump Supporters


On a bright Saturday in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, what was meant to be a routine stump speech by California Governor Gavin Newsom quickly turned into a showcase of support—not for him, but for former President Donald Trump.

As Newsom campaigned for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, the scene outside told a different story, with reports indicating a larger crowd of Trump supporters than Democrats.

Newsom has been vocal in his support for Biden amidst growing concerns over the president’s age and cognitive capabilities. These concerns were amplified following Biden’s recent debate performance against Trump on June 27, with both parties questioning his readiness for another term.

As Newsom drove by, he found himself in an unexpected confrontation—not with policy critics, but with a flash mob of Trump supporters. The gathering, vibrant and charged, waved banners and chanted, overshadowing the intended message of unity and support for Biden.


Many signs were a nod to fears that Newsom’s progressive policies in California might influence Pennsylvania’s political landscape. The enthusiasm for Trump, evident in the number of supporters showing up, may signal a challenging road ahead for Biden’s campaign.

“If Donald Trump succeeds, God help us, we will roll back the last half century,” Newsom said to his audience. “Look what the Biden-Harris administration has done to turn that around. I don’t need to tell Bucks County to buck up, Democrats deliver, Democrats did that, you did that, our president did that, he delivered.”

Recent polls from Pennsylvania show former President Trump leading Joe Biden in the 2024 general election. A Morning Consult/Bloomberg poll from early July gives Trump a 7-point lead, with other surveys from late June and early July showing Trump ahead by 3 to 5 points.


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