‘Squad’ Member Accused Of Egregious Plagiarism In Bombshell Report


Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), a prominent member of the progressive “Squad,” has been accused of egregious plagiarism and academic misconduct in his doctoral dissertation. The report, authored by Christopher F. Rufo and Luke Rosiak, reveals a myriad of basic errors, failures of logic, and multiple instances of plagiarism in Bowman’s 2019 dissertation, “Community Schools: The Perceptions and Practices that Foster Broad-Based Collaboration amongst leaders with the Community School Ecosystem.”

Bowman has long been associated with its progressive wing, often aligning with figures like Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). The Congressman, who often references his experience as a former school principal and his education to bolster his policy positions, is now facing serious questions about the integrity of his academic credentials.

According to Rufo and Rosiak’s report, Bowman’s dissertation is rife with problematic content that undermines his credibility as an academic and a policymaker. One of the most glaring issues highlighted in the report is the presence of numerous plagiarized passages.

In one instance, Bowman explains critical race theory by copying directly from another author’s summary of the book Critical Race Theory: An Introduction. The original author, R. Rolon-Dow, is not properly credited in Bowman’s dissertation. Instead, Bowman merely substitutes “Latino/Latina” with “Latinx/Latina” and inserts a typo, altering “the intersection between race/ethnicity and caring” to “the intersection between race/ethnicity caring.”

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Additionally, Bowman’s dissertation includes multiple other passages where he summarized existing research by copying and pasting without using quotation marks. This violates academic standards and also raises doubts about his understanding of the concepts he discusses. For example, when describing a study by other researchers, Bowman reproduces the text verbatim, failing to demonstrate independent analysis or comprehension.

The dissertation also contains significant logical inconsistencies and errors. Bowman’s research, primarily qualitative, involved interviewing 13 school administrators, activists, and parents, whom he immediately categorized into demographic boxes of oppressors or oppressed. The simplistic and reductionist approach diminishes the complexity of individual experiences and fails to provide a nuanced understanding of the issues at hand.

Moreover, Bowman’s quantitative data contradicts his arguments in favor of community schools. He refers to the outcome of community schools in New York City with a pseudonym, stating that “Non-Community Schools achieved a statistically significant higher mean in the area of Strong Family-Community Ties as measured by the 2017 Unified City School Survey.” Despite this contradictory evidence, Bowman dismisses the findings, attributing the challenges faced by community schools to cultural diversity and advocating for additional professional learning opportunities rather than questioning his premise.

“This is the kind of dismal pseudo-scholarship that drives much of education and, unfortunately, an increasing share of political life. It should be scrutinized, as should its authors,” the investigative reporters finsih.

Bowman has often boasted about his dissertation on social media and considers it formative to his political orientation. He has stated that he identifies as an educator and a socialist, aligning his policies accordingly. However, the report cast a shadow over his academic integrity and, by extension, his credibility as a lawmaker.

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