MSNBC Expert Explains Why Democrats Are Stuck With Biden


As the presidential election quickly approaches, a crucial moment may have already sealed President Joe Biden’s fate. During Thursday night’s debate, President Biden’s performance raised significant concerns among voters and political analysts. The scene was set as Biden, aged 81, faced off against former President Donald Trump in what many anticipated to be one of the most consequential debates in U.S. history.

MSNBC’s data expert, Steve Kornacki, shed light on the dilemma facing the Democratic Party. “Back in the 2020 campaign, from our NBC poll, we asked folks, ‘Who is better when it comes to having the necessary mental and physical health to be president?’ And there’s basically a wash. 41 said Biden, 40 said Trump,” Kornacki explained. The close figures from the 2020 campaign starkly contrast with more recent perceptions. Over Biden’s presidency, his approval numbers have significantly declined, particularly concerning his capability to handle the presidency due to age-related concerns.

“Now, over several years of being president, those perceptions changed when it came to Biden, but not so much with Trump. We asked the question again at the start of this year, and that Biden number came all the way down to 23%. The Trump number went up to 46%, a two to one margin there.” The turn shows a growing concern among the electorate about Biden’s fitness for office, an issue that was exacerbated by his latest performance.

“The logical place you would look if the president steps aside is the vice president, Kamala Harris. And hey, she ran for president once, you assume she has presidential ambitions.” However, the support for Harris is not overwhelmingly positive either. “She’s very well known, and this is her favorable-unfavorable score in two recent polls, and frankly, compare it to Biden. She’s 41% favorable in the Fox News poll, in that same poll, Joe Biden was 44%.”

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The lack of a clear and popular alternative complicates the Democrats’ position significantly. Discussing further options, Kornacki noted, “Who of any stature could you put in who Democrats would agree on to be consensus immediately and maybe who the country knows. And there’s not much polling on some of the names that you hear.” He mentioned potential candidates like Pete Buttigieg, Gavin Newsom, and Gretchen Whitmer, but acknowledged that none have the national stature or popularity to present a clear advantage over Trump.

In a revealing comment about the possibility of Michelle Obama stepping in, Kornacki said, “There is absolutely no indication she has any interest, but just to give you a sense, Michelle Obama, the last time we polled her on this question of favorable, unfavorable, now it’s been a few years, but it was 57 percent favorable and just 25 percent unfavorable.”

The Democrats face a critical decision as the election looms. With Biden’s declining popularity and no clear successor in sight, the party’s path forward is loaded with challenges. The next few months will be crucial in determining whether they can rally around a leader who can present a robust challenge to Trump or if they will continue with Biden despite the growing concerns.

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