Mark Cuban Embarrasses Himself On X While Trying To Defend Joe Biden


Mark Cuban, the renowned entrepreneur and “Shark Tank” judge, found himself in an embarrassing spotlight as he attempted to defend President Joe Biden amid concerns about his fitness for office. The social media beef unfolded after a scene involving former President Barack Obama and President Biden at a high-profile fundraiser in Los Angeles.

The situation began when Joe Biden, attending a fundraiser with Hollywood elites, froze up during a standing ovation at the conclusion of an interview with Jimmy Kimmel at the Peacock Theatre. As the audience clapped, Biden seemed to lose his bearings, staring blankly into the crowd. The scene grew tense as Obama quickly intervened, gently grasping Biden’s wrist to escort him off stage, a supportive hand kept around his shoulder throughout their exit.


The incident did not go unnoticed. Social media erupted with commentary, with figures like Piers Morgan and billionaire investor Bill Ackman expressing their concerns about Biden’s capacity to lead. Morgan described the event as “embarrassing,” while Ackman criticized the continued support for Biden, pointing to his age and occasional disorientation.

“The Democrats can’t let this go on surely?” wrote Morgan.

“Some people are old at 81, and others are sharp,” Ackman noted, contrasting Biden’s condition with the nonagenarian Warren Buffett’s vibrant public appearances.

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Enter Mark Cuban, who took to X in what seemed an effort to quell the fires. His tweet aimed to inject a dose of perspective, stating, “Both candidates are old. VERY OLD.” Cuban argued that both Biden and his unnamed counterpart are prone to senior moments and physical frailties due to their advanced age.

Cuban said that one candidate might be “great at soundbites” while being superficial in thought, whereas the other, presumably Biden, despite being “awful at soundbites,” thinks in complete sentences. Cuban’s defense, however, appeared to miss the mark with the public and other commentators. Morgan quickly retorted, suggesting Cuban was more consumed with pandering to his followers than addressing reality.

“I think Bill and I more consumed with reality than you seem to be, Mr Cuban!” Morgan wrote back. The exchange highlighted a significant divide in perceptions of leadership suitability and raised questions about the effectiveness of Cuban’s attempt to deflect criticism of Biden’s performance.

X users argued that Cuban’s response was tone-deaf, overlooking the gravity of the concerns raised about Biden’s capability to handle the rigors of the presidency. They contend that leadership requires more than the ability to form complete sentences; it demands vigor, presence, and the ability to respond swiftly in dynamic environments—qualities that Biden’s recent public appearances have cast in doubt.

“You are 59. I’m 65. Guess what. Both of our hearing is going to decline,” Cuban responded to Morgan again. “There are going to be things we dont hear well. Don’t see as well. Words that don’t come as easily. Things that hurt when we move and slow us down. Things we forget and have to make a note of. Now imagine being 78 and 81.”

As the debate over Biden’s fitness for office continues, the Democratic Party faces a critical decision on how to navigate the growing concerns surrounding their leader’s public appearances. Ultimately, as Cuban himself noted, it will be up to the voters to decide which candidate’s qualities are most suited for the presidency.

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