WATCH: Biden SCREAMS At Reporters As They Shower Him With Questions


President Joe Biden raised his voice at reporters during Monday’s press conference in an odd display of a temper tantrum. The scene showed the president agitated as journalists peppered him with questions about a range of pressing issues, including concerns about international conflicts.

“Are you worried about the war?” asked one journalist.

Biden then yelled incoherently back at the reporters and oddly laughed while sitting down.

Just yesterday Biden froze up again during a standing ovation at the conclusion of an interview with Jimmy Kimmel at the Peacock Theatre. On Sunday Biden seemed to lose his bearings staring blankly into the crowd. The scene grew tense as Obama quickly intervened, gently grasping Biden’s wrist to escort him off stage, a supportive hand kept around his shoulder throughout their exit.


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As the 2024 election nears, Biden’s mental sharpness and overall fitness have come under the microscope. Highlighting his age and some public missteps, many argue the slips suggest a cognitive decline, which has been underscored by several high-profile verbal errors during significant events.

However, the White House and Biden’s allies maintained that these episodes are exaggerated and politically motivated. Public opinion on Biden’s mental fitness is divided, however, polls indicate that independents are more likely to be skeptical than Democrats.


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