‘Land Of The Lost’ Star Passes Away At 86


Spencer Milligan, best known for his role in the beloved 1970s children’s show “Land of the Lost,” has passed away at the age of 86. According to his obituary, Milligan died on April 18 at his home in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Details regarding the cause of his death have not been disclosed.

Born in 1937 in Oak Park, Illinois, Milligan showed an early penchant for entertainment, performing magic tricks in grade school. He attended Lyon’s Township High School and honed his acting skills at esteemed institutions such as the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, the Joan Darling Actors Workshop in Los Angeles, and the Lee Strasberg Senior Workshop in New York, according to his obituary.

Throughout his career, Milligan left his mark on various stages across the nation and appeared in numerous national commercials, broadcast and cable television shows, and feature films. His roles were diverse, ranging from gunslinger to grief-stricken father, appearing in hit shows like “The Bionic Woman,” “Quincy M.E.,” and “Gunsmoke.” His portrayal of Ranger Rick Marshall in the Saturday morning show “Land of the Lost” became iconic, immortalizing him on lunch pails, toys, and coloring books.

The show, which aired from 1974 to 1976, followed the adventures of the Marshall family after they fell through a time portal and ended up in a mysterious world populated with dinosaurs, strange creatures, and other dangers. Milligan’s character, Rick, was the father and leader who guided his two children through the challenges of their new environment. His role was pivotal during the first two seasons before he left the show. “Land of the Lost” remains a memorable part of classic children’s television programming, noted for its imaginative storyline and special effects that were quite advanced for the time.

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Wesley Eure and Kathy Coleman, who portrayed the children of Milligan on the show, honored Milligan with tributes on Facebook. “This is a video we didn’t want to have to make. We heard rumors, and finally it was confirmed. Not an easy day,” Eure said. “This is not an easy day for us.”

“He was a true father to us all,” Coleman added. “Thank God we got to see him one last time and spend some really beautiful moments with him. He was a great man. I really truly believe that. He will be missed.”

Despite his success after the show, Milligan’s heart remained in Sturgeon Bay, where he significantly contributed to the local theater scene. Over the last two decades of his life, he dedicated himself to teaching and directing at Third Avenue Playworks (TAP), enriching his community with beloved productions like “Tennessee Williams: The One-Act Plays.”

Milligan met his wife, Kerry, in Sturgeon Bay in August 1991 and married her in December 2002. He often described meeting Kerry as the defining moment of his life. Milligan is survived by his wife, godchildren Andee Solis, Hilary Williams, and Spencer Williams; and numerous friends and mentees in the creative community.

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