Girls’ HS Track Coach Goes Nuclear After Trans Athlete Steals Title From His Team


A high school girls’ track coach is furious after his team lost a tournament to a team with a. transgender-identifying male student

Dean Vergillo, the coach of the Cedarcrest High School girls track & field team, came forward after one of his athletes lost the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) state track and field meet to trans athlete Veronica Garcia in May.

“As a cross country and track coach, everybody has a running style,” Vergillo said during an appearance at the Independent Women’s Forum. “It’s kind of like your fingerprint — everybody runs a little bit differently. In this case, it was obviously a male running.”

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Vergillo added that one his girls ended up setting a school record but still lost to the male athlete. In addition, coach Vergillo and his team had no clue they were going to be having a trans athlete until the very last minute.

“As a coach, I found out about it just through talking to other coaches from around the state,” Vergillo explained. “Then, in the [girls’] 400-meter open race, the individual from our school that qualified only found out about an hour before.”

The coach also took aim at state education officials for allowing the event to take place.

“It’s definitely going to be a bigger issue given that we’ll know what’s happening going into it. My biggest disappointment in this situation is how our state association [the WIAA] didn’t prepare us for what was coming,” he said. “We’ve had many coaches, through text, emails, or just verbally, state their displeasure with the situation.”

While a number of states have banned transgender-identifying athletes from competing in sports with the opposite gender, Washington has done the opposite. Students are allowed to participate in sports for whichever “gender identity” they choose, all without medical requirements placed on the athletes.

The trans athlete, Veronica Garcia, recently complained about boos he was receiving at events. “I guess maybe I expected sportsmanship because I was cheering the rest of them on when they were called. So, I guess I expected to get that reciprocated. But I didn’t get that,” Gacria said in an interview with the Spokesman-Review.

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