DNC Could Make Frantic Push To Nominate Biden Early To Prevent Replacement


As the dust settles from a contentious debate, top Democratic Party members are not shying away from the fact that President Joe Biden had a challenging night. However, they are quick to point out that the reasons behind the debate fiasco extend beyond the president’s age or cognitive abilities. Instead, they are emphasizing a range of other factors, suggesting that these issues are more to blame than the president himself for the less-than-stellar performance.

In an attempt to solidify support and quash any dissent within party ranks, the Democratic National Committee is now considering moving up the formal nomination of Joe Biden. This decision would aim to ensure that the president secures his place on the November ballot well in advance. With a proposed date of July 21 for Biden’s nomination, when the party’s credentials committee is scheduled to meet virtually, Democrats would look to reaffirm their commitment to Biden amidst calls from some corners of the party for a new nominee, according to Bloomberg.

Bounded by political maneuvering, President Biden, or those around him, remain loyal in his determination to pursue victory in the upcoming November elections. Speaking at a campaign event in Raleigh, North Carolina, Biden dismissed the increasing calls from within his party to step aside, following a debate performance against Republican Donald Trump that many labeled disastrous. The declaration marked another moment in his campaign, highlighting his desire to not only lead the party, but also to confront the challenges head-on as he eyes another term in the White House.


Following Thursday’s debate, Biden dedicated the weekend to revitalizing his reelection campaign, yet he continues to confront doubts about his ability to continue as a candidate. Secluding himself with his family at Camp David, Biden aimed to quell the concerns of Democratic voters, officials, and donors, which intensified after the debate. His performance on Thursday night, perceived as weak and disjointed during a CNN event, led to increased calls for him to pass the torch to a younger candidate, with the election just over four months away.

Over the last five days, Biden’s supporters actively defended him against media critics urging him to withdraw from the race, arguing that despite the negative reception to his debate appearance, the overall dynamics of the campaign remain unchanged. Meanwhile, senior figures in the Democratic Party took to the Sunday talk shows in a concerted effort to shift the focus back to former President Trump, attempting to redirect the narrative during the ongoing campaign turbulence.

However, the American people seem unconvinced. A recent poll conducted by The New York Times and Siena College revealed that 69 percent of voters, including 55 percent of those who voted for Biden, believe he is too old to effectively lead the nation. This is not a sudden revelation—nearly two years ago, a significant number of Democratic voters expressed their desire for fresh leadership.

These deep-seated concerns among the American populace are now finding a voice among influential figures within the Democratic Party. High-profile pundits, along with lawmakers, donors, and strategists, are openly sharing their apprehensions. They fear the potential repercussions of the upcoming 2024 election, particularly the prospect of losing to former President Trump, who is seen by many as a critical threat to the country’s future.

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