CNN Host Abruptly ENDS Interview With Trump Spox After She Exposes Jake Tapper’s Bias


Former President Donald Trump’s national press secretary took the fight right into the backyard of CNN on Monday morning, accusing a host at the network of consistent anti-Trump bias to the point that his colleague hosting the interview abruptly cut her microphone.

Karoline Leavitt, who previously served in President Trump’s White House communications team, reminded CNN host Kasie Hunt of alleged bias by network anchors Jake Tapper and Dana Bash who will be hosting the first presidential debate on Thursday. “That’s why President Trump is knowingly going into a hostile environment on this very network, on CNN, with debate moderators who have made their opinions about him very well known over the past eight years. And their biased coverage of him,” Leavitt declared when asked for a preview of Trump’s strategy, according to Fox News.

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Hunt didn’t let the attack go without a rebuttal. “So I‘ll just say my colleagues, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, have acquitted themselves as professionals as they have covered campaigns and interviewed candidates from all sides of the aisle. I‘ll also say that if you talk to analysts of previous debates, that if you’re attacking the moderators, you’re usually losing,” she responded.

But Leavitt wasn’t done. “First of all, it takes someone five minutes to google ‘Jake Tapper Donald Trump’ to see that Jake Tapper has consistently compared him to Hitler…,” she shot back before Hunt interjected. “M’am, we’re going to stop this interview if you keep attacking my colleagues. I would like to talk about Donald Trump, who you work for. If you are here to speak on his behalf… I will have this conversation.”


“I am stating facts that your colleagues have stated in the past,” Leavitt continued before her camera shot disappeared and her microphone muted.

The fight continued on X where Hunt defended her handling of the interview. “You come on my show, you respect my colleagues. Period. I don’t care what side of the aisle you stand on, as my track record clearly shows,” she wrote, prompting Leavitt to leave a stern reply.

“You cut off my microphone for bringing up the debate moderator’s history of anti-Trump lies. This proved our point that President Trump will not be treated fairly on Thursday. Yet he is still willing to go into this 3-1 fight to bring his winning message to the American people, and he will win,” wrote the Trump spokeswoman.

Tensions are mounting ahead of the first debate between Trump and President Joe Biden, a pivotal encounter that observers have called a make-or-break moment for the incumbent. Biden has hunkered down at Camp David over the past week as some of his closest allies, testing messaging about Trump’s threat to democracy and his character, as well as January 6th. However, Democrats in contact with the campaign privately conjectured to Axios that Biden’s aides may be paving the road for a losing strategy in November.

“It is unclear to many of us watching from the outside whether the president and his core team realize how dire the situation is right now, and whether they even have a plan to fix it,” said a Democratic strategist in contact with the campaign. “That is scary.”

All but one poll has shown President Biden trailing President Trump going back to October of last year. Foreign conflicts, domestic unrest, and a nagging spike in the price of goods have left Americans largely unhappy with President Biden’s leadership. At the same time, President Trump has enjoyed a reevaluation of his time in office, riding positive poll results about who would be a better steward of the economy, foreign conflicts, and immigration.

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