Caitlin Clark Gets Last Laugh Over Her Haters In All-Star Contest


Despite sitting on the sidelines of this year’s U.S. women’s Olympics team, WNBA superstar Caitlin Clark appears to be getting the last laugh on some of the haters who have repeatedly trash talked or physically assaulted her on the court.

A secret selection for the WNBA All-Star team saw Clark garner the most votes among any player despite being just halfway through her rookie season. In an ironic twist of fate, she will join the league’s All-Star game as a teammate of Angel Reese, her hard-charging former collegiate nemesis who defeated her Iowa Hawkeyes in the 2023 national championship game. Clark was the only play to surpass 700,000 votes, according to Fox News, while her fellow Indiana Fever teammate Aaliyah Boston came in second place with about 618,000 votes.

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Reese, who plays for the Chicago Sky, has been singled out as one of the most frequent foul committers against Clark in her rookie season. Some have verged on technicals and led to near-endless replays on sports networks and cable news as panelists discussed the record-high focus on women’s sports and especially instances of violence. For her part, the 22-year-old Clark has chalked up the aggression to just part of her day job.

“Just a part of basketball,” Clark said following a June game where Reese hit her violently in the head as she drove for a layup. “It is what it is. Trying to make a play on the ball, get the block. It happens.”


So far this season, the West Des Moines native is averaging 16.2 points and 6.9 assists per game, the highest among rookies and further evidence she has earned a starring role in this year’s All-Star Game on July 20th. She is slated to team up with Reese, who is leading the league with 11.8 rebounds per game and is one of just four players averaging a double-double this season, Fox added.

The drama between both heavyweights dates back to several insults traded in the 2023 NCAA championship game. After winning the game, Reese made a you-can’t-see-me gesture with her hand toward Clark and pointed to her ring finger. Their two past matchups were the most-viewed WNBA games of the past 20 years; Clark currently holds a 2-1 record over Reese in league games this year.

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