BREAKING: Another Fani Willis Trial Indefinitely Halted


Embattled Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is waging war on multiple fronts as she clings to the appearance of prosecutorial power in the wake of her disastrous scandal with former romantic partner and prosecutor Nathan Wade. Her trial against former President Donald Trump, already facing significant delays as a result, is being joined by another high-profile case that has just run into a buzzsaw.

The trial of Young Thug, an Atlanta-area rapper accused of leading a small criminal empire, has been indefinitely paused following motions by defense attorneys seeking dismissal of the judge in the case. Monday’s ruling by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville now gives prosecutors just one week to file their rebuttal. Young Thug, whose given name is Jeffery Lamar Williams, has through his lawyers accused Judge Glanville of conspiring with prosecutors to continue the case without affording them invitations to all germane discussions.

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Last month Brian Steel, the artist’s lead attorney, was held in contempt of court for brandishing arguments as to why Glanville held a private meeting with prosecutors in Willis’s office and failed to notify him. Judge Glanville refused to answer questions about what was discussed — including the potential pressuring of a key witness — leading to a heated back-and-forth that left Steel on the verge of being jailed. “This is crazy! This is like communist Russia!” Steel complained at the time, according to the Washington Post.

Already, the Young Thug trial has earned the title of Georgia’s longest-running criminal case in history. The rap star, who may have been romantically involved with Willis at one point, is accused of directing or participating in violent crimes by his gang, including carjackings and robberies at gunpoint. Jury selection has already dragged on for 10 months, and the case is not expected to go to trial until next year. Judge Glanville has dismissed previous attempts to dismiss the trial entirely.

The Post also reported that prosecutors appeared stunned by the judge’s decision, signaling another round of recriminations by Willis as she faces a high-stakes battle to salvage her political career in an election year. Legal observers closely watching the case compare it to the sprawling set of charges she brought against President Trump and 18 co-defendants, some of whom have agreed to testify against their former colleagues. At the same time, attorneys for others have introduced damning evidence of corruption inside Willis’s office, including the nepotism of hiring Wade while they were dating and potentially diverting federal anti-gang resources to continue her case against the former president.

State and federal officials have launched separate probes into Willis’s handling of taxpayer dollars. A Georgia lawmaker has publicly accused her of protecting her stalker. In November, she faces opposition from a credible Republican challenger. And a Georgia court of appeals is currently considering whether to pull her from the case.

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