WATCH: Parkinson’s Specialist Shocks MSNBC Host With On-Air ‘Diagnosis’ Of Biden


A furious and candid Parkinson’s specialist appeared on MSNBC to rip his own party for hiding President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline and failing to find a better nominee until it appears too late.

Dr. Tom Pitts, who volunteered that he is a card-carrying Democrat, shocked host Tom Llamas when he pointed out the many ways in which even a medical student could diagnose that President Biden is suffering from a neurodegenerative disorder. The discussion came one day after the New York Times uncovered that a Parkinson’s specialist had quietly visited the White House on numerous occasions over the past eight months.

Comparing Biden to a regular patient of his, Dr. Pitts listed the “classic features of neurodegeneration” he’s seeing in the president.

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“Word-finding difficulties, and that’s not ‘Oh, I couldn’t find the word.’ That’s from degeneration of the word retrieval area” of the brain, he told Llamas who asked if his lifelong struggle with stuttering could be a culprit instead. “No. This is not a palatal issue or a speech discrepancy which is very different from a liminal dysfunction, actual word retrieval where you pick a similar question, or talk around the issue. Plus the rigidity, monotone voice” are all signs that President Biden’s mental acuity is in decline, Dr. Pitts said.


Time after time, Llamas tried to pivot the conversation toward alternate theories for why the vast majority of Americans now view Biden, 81, as too old to run for reelection. He was repeatedly shut down as Dr. Pitts continued to provide scientific answers about why he sees Biden’s diagnosis as an obvious one. “Loss of arm swing, standing upward robotically. You notice when he turns it’s kind of en bloc turning, it’s not a quick turn. That’s one of the hallmarks of Parkinson’s is rigidity and bradykinesia, slow movement. And he has that hallmark, especially with the low voice” presented during the debate, Pitts cited.

“He said that was a cold. Hypophonia, small, monotone voice over time is a hallmark of Parkinson’s. I could have diagnosed him from across the mall,” he quipped.

When it became clear to Llamas that he wasn’t going to shift Dr. Pitts away from his opinion, he turned the conversation toward why the physician was so frustrated with Democrats for what he seems to believe is dishonesty about the president’s condition.

“I’m an American before everything, and I look at it and… when I used to see Russia, the Soviet Union, North Korea, when they just make outrageous things… When North Korea can’t keep the lights on and they say ‘Oh yeah, you know, it was some faulty power thing,’ I kind of hate that kind of stuff,” said the guest.

“My own party had four years to find – you know, this was a wreck in slow motion – and they had four years to find out of 350 million Americans one person that could take the place, and here we are the day before school trying to do the homework and replace a guy who’s got a neurodegenerative disease.”

A White House briefing on Monday devolved into shouting after spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre failed to answer questions about why a Parkinson’s specialist had repeatedly visited the White House.

Jean-Pierre cited “security reasons” and the need to maintain privacy as the primary reasons for withholding specific details, a move that did little to quell the rising concerns and questions from the media. “I am telling you right now that I am not sharing or confirming names from here,” Jean-Pierre said. “It is a security reason. It doesn’t matter how hard you push me. It doesn’t matter how angry you get with me. I’m not going to confirm a name.”

The scenario at the briefing room was also marked by a moment after where Jean-Pierre, visibly overwhelmed by the aggressive questioning, seemed to be on the verge of tears, RNC Research noted on X. “To say that I’m holding information or allude to anything else is not unfair,” she said. “It’s really, really unfair. I think people who are watching and have been watching this briefing for this past week could say that we are doing our best in this briefing to provide the information that we have.”

“I will admit, I will be the first one to admit, sometimes I get it wrong.” She finished, “But I do take offense to what was just happening at the beginning of this briefing. But I do take offense to what was just happening at the beginning of this briefing. It’s not okay.”

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