WATCH: Biden Struggles To Enter An SUV While Secret Service Shields Him From Cameras


President Joe Biden faced a moment of difficulty getting into an SUV, captured in a video that is circulating on Wednesday. The footage shows Biden struggling to get into the vehicle while Secret Service agents move to shield him from the media’s lenses.

Concerns about Biden’s age have been heating up as the 2024 election approaches. Already the oldest president in U.S. history at 81, his age is shaping up to be a key issue in his bid for reelection.

Recently White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has dismissed a series of lapses that have shown Biden in similar moments of frailty. Republicans have slammed Democrats for downplaying concerns about the President’s health and mobility.

In recent weeks, several videos have surfaced, showing Biden appearing frozen during significant events. Notably, these include the D-Day commemorations in France, the G-7 summit in Italy, and a campaign fundraiser held on Sunday.


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Polls are showing significant voter apprehension regarding Biden’s capability to serve another term. An NBC News poll indicates that 64% of all respondents have major concerns about his age and health, with a majority of Democratic voters expressing moderate to significant worries.

Another ABC News poll was even more stark, revealing that 86% of Americans feel Biden is too old for a second term. Despite these concerns, Biden’s supporters point to his vast experience and policy achievements, arguing these factors should mitigate any worries related to his age.


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