Chuck Schumer Forced To Delete Embarrassing Post After Getting Grilled By X Users


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) still hasn’t gotten the hang of social media, as evidenced by a Father’s Day post that he was forced to retract after being dunked on by thousands of other users.

The New York Democrat shared a blithe photo of himself standing at the grill on Sunday, preparing burger patties for an innocuous outdoor summertime feast. “Our family has lived in an apartment building for all our years,” Schumer wrote according to the Western Journal, “but my daughter and her wife just bought a house with a backyard and for the first time we’re having a barbecue with hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill!”

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Upon closer inspection, however, X accounts began reporting on Schumer’s unforgivable sin: leaving cheese on the uncooked patties while they grilled, potentially transferring harmful bacteria before the meat reached a safe temperature. As comments of disgust began to pile up, the Brooklyn native quickly deleted the post, but not before some eagle-eyed trolls grabbed screenshots to taunt him with.

“Chuck Schumer is so far separated from everyday Americans he doesn’t even know how to cook a burger!?” wrote Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC) on X. “[L]et me know a day and I’ll teach you how to grill while we talk about the problems facing Americans like Biden’s Border Crisis.”

“Chuck Schumer has been a politician for 49 years. He proved this weekend he has no idea how to grill a cheeseburger. But trust him about what the weather will do in 5 decades…” reacted former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill.

Three days after the infamously viral post had been taken down, the jesting at Schumer’s expense had reached sketch comedy levels. One user pretending to be Schumer asks his “mama” why his burger patties weren’t doing so well while cooking in a full pat of boiling water.


Another pointed out the Democrats’ hypocrisy for using a natural gas-burning grill.

“Chuck Schumer is 73 years old. Remarkably, he has yet to master the art of grilling a simple burger. Nonetheless, some people inexplicably have faith in his leadership and believe that his Democratic Party thinks gas stoves are bad for the planet, but gas grills are fine,” another account added.

The summer offers politicians the time-honored tradition of appealing to regular voters, one that some pols manage to take advantage of better than others. One of President Trump’s popular stan accounts resurfaced an old video reminding users that his burger-flipping skills are much better than the Senate leader’s.


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