Trump Takes Aim At Biden, Jack Smith In Epic Fourth of July Post


Former President Donald Trump held nothing back in a scathing Fourth of July post in which he took aim at President Biden and radical left-wing efforts to fundamentally transform the United States.

“Happy Fourth of July to all, including to our highly incapable ‘President,’ who uses Prosecutors to go after his Political Opponent, who choked like a dog during the Debate but tried to pretend it was ‘International Travel’ (only 12 days rest!) and, when that gig was up, he blamed it on a ‘cold.’” Trump wrote.

“Therefore, why would anyone say he’s cognitively challenged?”

The former president then reiterated his belief that he will be facing Vice President Harris in the general election. In a candid golf course discussion on Wednesday, Trump stated President Biden is getting out of the race. “She’s so fu***ng bad,” Trump said of Harris

“Also, respects to our potentially new Democrat Challenger, Laffin’ Kamala Harris. She did poorly in the Democrat Nominating process, starting out at Number Two, and ending up defeated and dropping out, even before getting to Iowa, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a ‘highly talented’ politician,” the post continued. “Just ask her Mentor, the Great Willie Brown of San Francisco.”

Trump also addressed Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is overseeing the Biden Administration’s federal criminal cases against their lead political rival.

“Someone else that I have to compliment is a Deranged Biden Prosecutor named Jack Smith, who has become a Legend in his own mind for all of those cases he has lost,” Trump wrote. Smith has the distinction of having one of his cases unanimously overturned by the Supreme Court.

“The Corrupt Prosecutors are working hard for Crooked Joe, but it will never be enough — MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

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