Popular Comedian Killed at 54 in Freak Accident


Comedian Tony Knight was killed last month after falling victim to a “tragic accident” during a visit to France, according to his family

The 54-year-old was with his wife and children at the Rock’&’Cars Festival in Lavaur, France when a large tree branch broke off and fell on him and several other festival attendees. Knight was the only one to pass away from his injuries.

“He was only 54 and having the time of his life,” his family shared with Fox News. “He was fit, healthy, happy and had everything going for him. He was charismatic, funny, passionate and so very loved by [his partner] Hayley, his family and his friends all over the world.”

A GoFundMe page has been launched by Joanne Allen on behalf of her sister and Knight’s wife, Haley Knight.

“Hayley is now living her worst nightmare and facing life without Tony, her soulmate,” Allen wrote on the fundraiser. “She is in Bouillac having to deal with the difficulties of Tony being an Englishman with Australian residency living in France, arranging a funeral, covering hospital expenses, meeting police detectives, doctors and the mayor, visiting the accident site and sorting Tony’s estate, all while experiencing a crushing amount of grief and disbelief in a foreign country.”

In addition to his work on the comedy circuit, Knight lavished his love on canines. Known as the “Dog Listener,” the Washington, D.C. native described himself on his website as having “helped thousands of dog owners all over the world solve problem dog behavior with simple techniques that use no force, pain, domination, drugs or gadgets.”

Just weeks earlier, Knight was in San Francisco, sharing a picture of the famous Alcatraz prison and joking, “The White House is getting an interesting new make-over.” Some of his final appearances were in Edinburg, Scotland and Australia as part of his “Mad Dogs & an Englishman” tour.

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