Top Donor Claims ‘Dam Has Broken’ for Biden As Biggest Supporters Urge Him to Drop Out


A longtime major donor of President Joe Biden and Democratic candidates around the country has ripped the president’s team for “deceiving” his supporters about his faltering mental acuity, adding in a recent interview that the “dam has broken” among some of his most reliable supporters who now fear he is all but certain to lose in November.

Whitney Tilson, a Wall Street investor and co-founder of Netflix, demanded in a recent interview that the elderly incumbent “step down immediately” and allow the party to quickly nominate a younger challenger with an ostensibly better chance of defeating Trump.

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“I feel like I have been deceived,” Tilson told the New York Post on Tuesday. “Biden and the people around him have been deceiving the American people.

“The dam has broken. We all know and we can all see that we were lied to. I am deliberately calling it a Big Lie because this is as big a lie as Trump’s Big Lie,” he added.

Tilson, 57, followed up on that interview with an appearance on CNN’s “OutFront with Erin Burnett” where he was asked whether his incendiary comments were helping or hurting the anti-Trump cause.

“I think that the dam has broken and that more and more people will come out publicly. I can tell you with certainty that as recently as last Friday and Saturday after the debate, there were quite a few people who felt like it was just an off night. As of today, I can‘t find anybody — and I am a hard, hardcore Democrat and Biden supporter,” Tilson said, the Daily Caller reported.

“I love Joe Biden. I respect the fact that he‘s an optimist, that he‘s a fighter, and that has served him well in the 52 years since he was first elected to the Senate. But it‘s different today, I‘m afraid. The ship has sailed and there is basically no almost no support remaining for him as a candidate. Not against him personally, but because nobody thinks he can be Trump and I think, unfortunately, that is correct.”


Several notable post-debate polls by NYT/SienaWSJ and Daily Mail/JL Partners all showed that President Trump extended his modest lead over Biden, adding to concern that the race is slipping away from him. Former President Barack Obama reached out to his old vice president, sharing his thoughts and offering himself as a sounding board while Biden seriously contemplates whether to drop out of the race. On Friday the 81-year-old Democrat will sit for his first post-debate, one-on-one interview with George Stephanopoulos, which the White House billed as an “extended” appearance but now seems set to limit to just 15 minutes.

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