‘RIGGED’: New CNN Debate Detail Is Revealed, Chaos Explodes


As President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump prepare for their first in-person showdown of the 2024 election cycle tonight in Atlanta, new details about CNN’s debate format have ignited accusations of bias and manipulation, fueling outrage.

CNN has decided to implement a 1-2 minute delay instead of the standard 7-second delay. The change might enable CNN to manipulate the portrayal of the debate, potentially censoring or altering the candidates’ responses before they reach the public. Patrick Webb broke the news on social media, calling out the network for its departure from the norm. The debate, scheduled for 9 p.m. ET, is critical as it comes with less than five months until the election. It is set to focus on pivotal issues like immigration and the economy.

However, the integrity of the debate is now under the microscope, with the White House Correspondents’ Association expressing their “deep concerns.” The association criticized CNN for rejecting multiple requests to allow the White House travel pool inside the studio, a move seen as further cloaking the event in secrecy.

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In addition to the delayed broadcast, the debate will feature no studio audience, a measure that some argue could dampen the immediate feedback typically provided by live viewers which often sways the perception of who is winning the debate. The candidates will be placed at uniform podiums, their positions determined by a coin flip, and their microphones muted except during their allotted speaking times. These rules are intended to ensure a “civilized discussion,” as per CNN’s moderators, but many conservatives see these measures as potential tools for media manipulation.

“Tonight’s debate will have no audience present and includes format rules that can silence candidates’ microphones. We don’t know how this will play out in real time,” the statement read. “A pool reporter is there to observe what is said and done when microphones are off or when either candidate is not seen on camera but may speak, gesture, move, or engage in some way. WHCA believes this principle of coverage matters. The White House travel pool has been included in past presidential debates and we believe that standard of access is essential. Precedent matters for future debates.”

The format, particularly the extended delay, could be used to filter out strong or controversial statements, especially those from Trump, who is known for his unfiltered and provocative style. This fear is not unfounded in a media landscape that many feel is consistently biased against Republican perspectives.

The debate rules also stipulate that during the two commercial breaks, campaign staff may not interact with their candidate. Furthermore, no props or pre-written notes will be allowed on stage, though candidates will be given a pen, pad of paper, and a bottle of water. While these measures are described by CNN as efforts to maintain fairness and focus on the candidates’ spontaneous responses, skeptics view them as overly restrictive and prone to selective enforcement.

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