JUST IN: ‘Time’ Magazine Releases DEVASTATING Cover After Biden’s Debate Implosion


President Biden’s post-debate woes continued on Friday afternoon when Time Magazine released a devastating cover.

The new cover took night of widespread Democrat concern over Biden’s debate performance that included multiple freeze-ups and inaudible statements. It features a picture of President Biden wandering off to the side — as if he is walking off the stage — with only the word “Panic” in the title.

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“Panic” was the exact word used by many Democrat strategists, pundits and voters in the immediate aftermath of Thursday night’s debate.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid told her fellow panelists that her phone was blowing up from Democrats expressing “panic” over the debate. “I too was on the phone throughout much of the debate with Obama world people with Democrats, with people who are political operatives, with campaign operatives, my phone really never stopped buzzing throughout. And the universal reaction was somewhere approaching panic,” she said.

“The people who were texting with me were very concerned about President Biden seeming extremely feeble, seeming extremely weak.”

Reid stressed that the panic was not coming from everyday Democrat voters, but from veteran campaign strategists and “Obama world” White House officials.

CNN’s John King used similar words to describe what he was hearing from Democrat insiders and elected officials, many of whom are reportedly mulling the possibility of forcing Biden to step down.

“Minutes into the debate — and it continues right now — it involves party strategists, involves elected officials, it involves fundraisers, and they’re having conversations about the president’s performance, which they think was dismal, which they think will hurt other people down the party in the ticket, and having conversations about what they should do about it,” King reported.

“Some of those conversations include whether we should go to the White House and ask the president to step aside,” King continued.

Despite the concern, President Biden has vowed to stay in the race and has even doubled down on his commitment to the next presidential debate, which is scheduled for September. High-profile candidates who have long been floated as a potential replacement for the president — including California Governor Gavin Newsom and Vice President Kamala Harris — have likewise thrown cold water on the idea.

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