JUST IN: Major Blue City Mayor’s House Raided By FBI


An Oakland home linked to Mayor Sheng Thao was one of several locations targeted in an FBI raid Thursday morning, a source told ABC7 News. “The FBI is conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity on Maiden Lane. We are unable to provide additional information at this time,” the FBI told the outlet.

The details of the FBI’s investigation remain unknown, but sources say the case involves the IRS and the US Postal Service. Confirmed locations raided by federal officials include the home of Mayor Sheng Thao on Maiden Lane in the Oakland Hills, the office of California Waste Solutions, the home of California Waste Solutions’ Andy Duong on View Crest Court, and the home of California Waste Solutions’ David and Linda Duong on Skyline Blvd.

A neighbor woke to the startling sounds of law enforcement pounding on her door at the break of dawn, around 6 a.m. On the scene, an ABC7 News team reported a flurry of unmarked vehicles parked outside Mayor Thao’s residence, where agents were spotted hauling boxes from the premises. Mayor Thao abruptly canceled her scheduled appearance at a Thursday morning event, slated for 10 a.m.

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According to Maribel Sainez, a neighbor, FBI agents were “banging” on the mayor’s door at around 6 a.m., abruptly waking the normally tranquil Lincoln Highlands neighborhood in Oakland, POLITICO reported. Sainez added that Mayor Thao was escorted out of her home by the agents.

Mayor Thao is set to face a recall vote this coming November, after the city clerk’s office confirmed that the required number of signatures to trigger a recall had been gathered, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.  The recall effort gained momentum amid growing public dissatisfaction with the city’s handling of crime rates and budgetary issues, with many residents blaming Mayor Thao’s policies for the city’s woes. This includes the high-profile exit of the Oakland A’s from the city, which has been pointed out by recall advocates as a major failing of her administration.

The move towards a recall reflects a significant shift in the political landscape of the East Bay in the post-pandemic era, where a progressive wave during the pandemic has been met with strong opposition. This includes the recall of Chesa Boudin, a reform-minded prosecutor in San Francisco, in 2022.

Oakland, CA – May 23, 2024:Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao speaking at a Press Conf re her upcoming budget proposal for the city.

Thao took office in January 2023, making history as the first Hmong American woman to lead a major U.S. city.  Before becoming mayor, she served on the Oakland City Council, representing District 4 since 2018. She grew up in a low-income family as one of ten children and experienced homelessness. Thao’s educational journey took her through community college before she graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

Criticisms of the Mayor have mainly centered around her handling of issues such as public safety, homelessness, and the city’s financial management. As crime rates and homelessness remain pressing concerns for many Oakland residents, residents have expressed their disappointment, feeling that the solutions proposed or implemented under her leadership haven’t effectively addressed these deep-seated problems.

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