Hillary Clinton Brutally Mocked Over Memoir’s ‘Cringe’ Cover


Hillary Clinton has lit up the internet with her latest book’s illustration which has critics mocking the former first lady and secretary of state for releasing a heavily doctored photo of herself.

The cover of her forthcoming book “Something Lost, Something Gained” was flagged by Megyn Kelly who offered a scorching take on the “cringe” photo showing Clinton with a nearly wrinkle-free face and sharp jawline. “The amount of retouching on this face I haven’t seen since Joan Rivers had her 15th surgery — God love Joan,” Kelly said on her SiriusXM podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show” on Wednesday, according to the New York Post. The conservative commentator added that she didn’t know what Clinton was “trying to be with this soft focus.”

“She looks nothing like herself,” Kelly noted.

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Clinton, 76, who has published more than a dozen works while in public life, is preparing a collection of essays about her decades in civic service while touching on everything from faith to family, the AP reported. “Something Lost, Something Gained” is set for release through Simon & Schuster on September 17th, but the teaser release of its cover was plenty of fodder on its own. Kelly added that Hillary can’t have it both ways, being the “elder stateswoman” who “can do it perfectly.”

Since losing the 2016 election to former President Donald Trump, Hillary has maintained an even more visible public personal than her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Earlier this week the New York Times published an op-ed by Hillary where she implored President Joe Biden to take her advice on how to debate Trump.

“Why aren’t you the president if you’re so smart about how to debate Trump? Asking for a friend,” Kelly said on her podcast.

In her column, Hillary writes that Trump “starts with nonsense and then digresses into blather” during debates and “interrupts and bullies…because he wants to appear dominant and throw his opponent off balance.” Kelly accused the former candidate of just throwing up “insults,” not recommendations.

“Actually what he [Trump] did was he got out there and said you’d be in jail if he were in charge, and people loved the challenge of power of somebody who’d been considered untouchable,” Kelly said, the outlet added, while praising the former president for “raising issues that really mattered to working class and middle America, whom she totally ignored.”

“None of that is in the op-ed,” Kelly added.


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