CNN’s Election Forecaster Brutally Fact-Checks Democrats’ Lies About Trump


The top election forecaster at CNN brutally fact-checked President Joe Biden after he claimed that current polls are underestimating his general support in key swing states and among the general public.

Analyst Harry Enten told viewers Monday that the embattled Democrat has never been in a worse position against former President Donald Trump. His rival’s lead grew following a disastrous debate on June 27th, and to make matters worse, Biden’s nationwide approval rating has sunk to its lowest level on record, according to FiveThirtyEight.

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Pointing out where polls sit today versus this time four years ago, Enten laid out the cold math stacking the odds against Biden. “Right now Trump leads in an aggregate of national polls by about 3 percentage points. If you go back four years ago at this point, Joe Biden was ahead by 9 points. This right now doesn’t look anything like what we saw four years ago,” he told viewers.

Going further, Enten dug into the numbers to see what then-candidate Biden’s worst position against Trump was in 2020. “He was ahead by 4 points which basically matched what he ended up beating Donald Trump by in the national popular vote,” he added.

“This 3-point position is Donald Trump’s best position versus Joe Biden whether you include the polls this year or whether you include the polls last cycle. The idea that the polls underestimated Joe Biden last time around simply does not hold any water.”


In 2022, a midterm that ended up underperforming for Republicans, Enten pointed out that Republicans still under-polled estimates by 1%, meaning the GOP has been the secret benefactor of polling in the Biden era. Four years ago, “Trump actually did better in the results than he did in his July polls,” Enten noted, another reminder that MAGA voters are hard to locate with traditional polling. Observers have theorized that many Trump supporters simply don’t trust pollsters or the media to accurately report their findings, leading them to avoid participating in surveys altogether.

“Whether it be a Joe Biden matchup, whether it be against Hillary Clinton, whether it be in the midterms – at least in the national polling – that doesn’t show Donald Trump in his strongest position simply put is not true,” said Enten. “If anything, the polls have underestimated Republicans during the Trump era.”

Biden, 81, has been in damage control mode since the debate, batting away questions about whether he is the strongest candidate to keep the White House and dismissing calls that he end his campaign. On Monday an audibly agitated Biden appeared on MSNBC where he chafed at a host’s welcome message referring to him as the party’s “presumptive nominee.” He aggressively pushed back on questions about his cognitive ability in a Friday crisis interview with ABC News though declined to participate in an independent third-party test.

Shortly before his Monday interview, the president released a lengthy public letter calling on Democrats to “come together” behind his candidacy and “defeat Donald Trump.” His posturing came hours after top Democrats in the U.S. House met to air grievances and fears about whether Biden’s leading of the national ticket would cost his party opportunities in the Senate and House.

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