Celebs Melt Down After Disastrous Biden Performance, Lash Out At CNN And Trump


President Joe Biden faced off against former President Donald Trump on CNN’s debate stage Thursday night, marking the first-ever clash between a sitting president and his predecessor. The event, however, quickly spiraled into criticism from Democrats, not just for the performances on stage but for the reactions it provoked across the nation, especially among high-profile celebrities.

Joe Biden, at 81, appeared visibly challenged throughout the debate, struggling with vocal clarity and consistency. His difficulty articulating clear distinctions between his policies and those of Trump was apparent, leaving many viewers questioning his fitness for office. It was Biden’s faltering delivery that dominated post-debate discussions.

The reaction from Hollywood was just plain bad. Celebrities went on social media to express their frustration, not only at Biden’s performance but also at the moderators’ handling of the event. Author Stephen King blamed the network, calling the debate a “boxing match” and accusing CNN, a liberal news network, of undermining democratic principles by prioritizing entertainment value over substantive political discussion.


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Barbra Streisand also blamed the moderators, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. According to Streisand, they allowed Biden to be unfairly bombarded and sidetracked, which she argued contributed to the chaotic nature of the debate.

Actor John Cusack also expressed his frustration with CNN’s handling of the debate, criticizing the network for not countering what he called “lies” from Trump.

Jesse Williams and Mark Hamill also chimed in, with Williams questioning the purpose of moderation if it does not involve real-time fact-checking, and Hamill defending Biden by saying that one subpar performance does not offset the controversies surrounding Trump.

The debate has triggered a crisis within the Democratic Party. Biden’s performance has only intensified discussions about his viability as a candidate in the upcoming election. With party rules making it nearly impossible to replace a nominee at this stage without the candidate’s withdrawal, the debate has exposed the precarious position of the Democrats as they head into a critical election cycle.

From the moment Biden started speaking Thursday night, the president sounded worn out and spoke with a raspy voice. He proceeded to deliver a rambling speech on the state of the economy while trashing his predecessor’s economic record.

The president’s answer to a question on the economy was widely inaudible, though he weakly attempted to claim that former President Trump’s economic record was disastrous due to his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. As Biden struggled to get words out and briefly attempted to clear his throat, Trump shot him a concerned look before cracking a smirk.

Just moments later, Biden froze up while answering a question about the national debt. After stuttering for about seven seconds, debate co-moderator Jake Tapper was forced to interject and inform the president that his time had expired.

“Thank you, Mr. President,” Tapper said while receiving a blank, wide-eyed stare from Biden.

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