Biden Makes Another Embarrassing Gaffe, Says “I’ll Beat Trump In 2020”


Over a week after the latest presidential debate, Joe Biden’s dismal performance continues to echo in political circles as well as the media. His on-stage struggles with response times and coherence have reignited concerns over his cognitive capabilities, concerns that could have significant implications for his political future and for the Democratic Party as a whole.

On Friday, Biden confidently declared, “Guess what, they’re trying to push me out of the race. No! I’ll beat Donald Trump. I’ll beat Donald Trump. I will beat him again in 2020!” The only issue is it’s not 2020… it’s 2024.


One sign caught on camera during Friday’s rally even read “Pass the Torch Joe,” symbolizing the sentiment of those within and outside the Democratic Party who believe it is time for new leadership. This growing sentiment poses a delicate challenge for the party as it balances support for its current leader with strategic considerations for future elections.

Talk has surged in top Democratic circles about the need for a shift in the party’s presidential ticket. Speculation suggests a growing number of Democrats are considering Vice President Kamala Harris as the possible candidate, while contemplating who might best complement her as a running mate.

Despite Harris’s attempts to steer clear, the dynamics within Democratic politics are shifting around her—similarly, former President Donald Trump’s campaign has already initiated targeted attacks against Harris.


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