WATCH: Biden SCREAMS And Coughs Repeatedly During Angry Rally


In what was meant to be a rebound from a lackluster debate performance, President Joe Biden’s rally in Raleigh on Friday instead magnified concerns about his fitness and electability as the November elections loom. The event, held just a day after a widely criticized debate performance against former President Donald Trump, was marked by an unexpected outburst and a noticeable struggle with a cough.

Biden, who is vying for re-election, appeared to deviate significantly from his prepared remarks, at times shouting emphatically into the microphone. His voice was hoarse, a stark contrast to his usual public speaking demeanor. The shift in tone and delivery, coupled with his physical appearance — looking visibly tired — did little to dispel the growing narrative of his diminishing stamina on Thursday.

“America bows to no one! No one. Never!” Biden said on Friday, perhaps to his Democrat counterparts who want him out.


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Critics have been quick to seize on Biden’s performance as indicative of a candidate past his prime. The narrative of an enfeebled president, long propagated by Trump and his allies, seemed to gain tangible evidence with Biden’s shaky debate performance and subsequent rally demeanor.

“What you saw last night on the debate stage was Joe Biden, a president with integrity and character,” said First Lady Jill Biden on Friday. ” Who told the truth, and Donald Trump told lie after lie after lie!”


The rally, featuring performances by rappers Fat Joe and E-40, is attended by prominent North Carolina Democrats, including Governor Roy Cooper and Attorney General Josh Stein. Yet, even the star-studded lineup might not overshadow the concerns that emerged from Biden’s presentation.

A senior campaign aide, speaking to ABC News, insisted that President Biden is not considering withdrawing from the race and remains committed to participating in a second debate. However, the aide’s reassurances may do little to quell the unease brewing within the party.

Supporters of the president claim that his record and policy achievements should speak louder than isolated moments on the campaign trail. However, the visual and auditory missteps at public appearances are becoming difficult for even his staunchest allies to ignore.

The implications of Biden’s perceived frailty are profound, not just for his campaign but for the Democratic Party’s prospects in the upcoming election. With the presidency at stake, the party faces the delicate task of balancing support for their candidate with the pragmatic realities of a demanding and often unforgiving electoral process. The upcoming debates and campaign stops will be crucial for the president to demonstrate that he retains the vigor required to lead the nation.

Meanwhile, the Republican camp, energized by Biden’s apparent vulnerabilities, is likely to intensify its critique of his fitness for office. The contrast between Biden’s faltering steps and Trump’s robust rally performances could become a central theme as the election approaches. The road to November remains fraught with challenges for Joe Biden.

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