‘OH MY’: CNN Expert Visibly STUNNED By Devastating Poll For Biden


On Tuesday senior data reporter Harry Enten provided a startling overview of shifting American attitudes towards immigration, revealing a trend that may spell trouble for President Biden as the nation grows increasingly “hawkish.” During his live analysis from New York, Enten discussed the significant changes in public opinion, pointing out a steep rise in support for more stringent immigration policies.

“Look at where we are in 2024. 62% in a recent CBS News YouGov poll favor deporting all living in the U.S. illegally,” Enten said, highlighting the notable increase from 40% in 2016. The change suggests a hardened stance on immigration issues among the American populace over the years.

The data further suggests a shift in political winds favoring former President Donald Trump, particularly when comparing his stance on immigration to Biden’s. “August of 2020, look at this. Biden was favored by seven points on immigration. Look at where we are in May of 2024. Donald Trump is favored by 11 points,” Enten explained.

“So what we’re seeing is those more hawkish views on illegal immigration, translating when American voters are looking at Biden on illegal immigration, translating when American voters are looking at Biden versus Trump on the issue of immigration with Trump being the beneficiary.”


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According to the poll, in this election cycle issues like the economy, inflation, and border security, Trump holds the advantage and is dominating voters’ concerns over his guilty verdict. The verdict hasn’t significantly shifted the electoral landscape. For Trump supporters, reactions are mixed: some are rallying behind him because of the verdict, others continue their support despite it, and many are indifferent.

Meanwhile, opposition to Trump is the primary motivation for most of Biden’s supporters, a sentiment that has grown since March. The shift in motivation is a comparative advantage for Trump who is often viewed as more effective, tough, energetic, and slightly more competent. He’s also credited with having a clearer vision for the country’s future. Although Biden scores higher in likability and compassion, these traits have not translated into a significant advantage in voting preferences, with many voters choosing Trump despite personal reservations about him.

Following the trial verdict, Trump’s support among Republicans remains robust, buoyed by widespread perceptions within his base that the charges were trivial and the trial politically motivated. Many Republicans contend that the New York prosecutors acted under the influence of the Biden administration rather than independently. This belief could shape expectations of Trump’s actions should he return to office.

Notably, half of the Republicans are in favor of Trump taking measures against his political adversaries, with support for such actions even higher among MAGA-aligned Republicans, who urge investigations and potential criminal charges against those opponents.

Despite broad bipartisan approval of Biden’s recent executive order concerning border issues, voters who prioritize border security overwhelmingly support former President Trump, believing that migrant crossings would decrease more significantly under his leadership. Trump also holds a substantial lead over Biden among voters impacted by rising prices, with more than twice as many indicating that higher costs have been a hardship for them.

Trump is the favored candidate among those who view the economy as a crucial element in their voting decision. Overall, a larger number of voters feel they would be financially better off with Trump back in office compared to a continued Biden presidency.

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