JUST IN: Hunter Biden’s Law License Is Suspended


Hunter Biden’s law license was suspended by the D.C. Court of Appeals on Tuesday, following his conviction on three federal gun charges earlier this month. This adds to the ongoing saga surrounding the president’s son. Despite facing a potential maximum sentence of 25 years in prison, it is anticipated that Hunter, being a first-time offender, may not receive the full penalty.

Hunter had been licensed to practice since 2007. The suspension restricts Hunter’s ability to practice law solely within Washington, D.C. according to court documents. This decision comes after he was found guilty of three serious felony charges in Delaware. The court has ordered a detailed investigation to figure out whether the nature of these crimes involves “serious” ethical misconduct.

In the meantime, Hunter must follow specific rules set for lawyers who have been suspended, including submitting an official affidavit that could affect when he might be allowed to practice law again. The Disciplinary Counsel has been directed to update the court if the situation is resolved without the need for further legal proceedings.

Hunter Biden addressed the media on December 13, 2023 explaining that he would not testify behind closed doors to the US Congress.

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Hunter has had various professional engagements, including his involvement in the field of law. After completing his law education at Yale, Hunter took up a position at the bank holding company MBNA America, which was a major contributor to his father’s political campaigns.

Following his tenure in the public sector, Hunter co-founded the lobbying firm Oldaker, Biden & Belair. His involvement in international business and investment ventures, especially in Ukraine and China, has been a subject of public and political scrutiny.

On June 11, Hunter was found guilty on three felony counts of purchasing a firearm while an active drug user, setting the son of Joe Biden up for potential prison time less than five months before Election Day. Prosecutors with the office of special counsel David Weiss later charged him by citing portions of his 2021 autobiography where Hunter admits to smoking crack cocaine around the time of the purchase.

His sister-in-law and former lover Hallie Biden testified in court that she witnessed Hunter using crack cocaine around the same time. Photographic evidence pulled from Hunter’s laptop showed him surrounded by drug paraphernalia and appearing to smoke crack.

The defense argued that Hunter did not consider himself an “addict” at the time of the firearms purchase. The government form, which asks whether a gun purchaser is “an unlawful user of, or addicted to” drugs, was marked “no” by Hunter at the time. His attorneys argued that his completion of rehabilitation in August of 2018 supported the argument that he was not an active drug user at the time. In addition, defense lawyers argued that no one saw Hunter using drugs in the 11 days while he possessed the gun before Hallie, upon discovering it, threw it away.

Hunter pleaded not guilty.

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