JUST IN: CIA Contractors COLLUDED With Biden Campaign, Report Reveals


The House Judiciary GOP has unveiled a report showing how former CIA contractors colluded with the Biden campaign to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story just weeks before the 2020 presidential election. Their report on Tuesday revealed a coordinated effort between the Biden campaign and high-ranking former intelligence officials to label the laptop story as “Russian disinformation” and manipulate public perception.

The new report by the House Judiciary, Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, details how 51 former intelligence officials, using their official titles continue to lend credibility, issued a public statement claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop story had all the hallmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign. This was used by then-candidate Joe Biden during a televised debate to deflect accusations from former President Donald Trump, impacting the voters’ decision-making process.

One of the most shocking aspects of the report is the involvement of high-ranking former CIA officials, including Michael Morell, who were still under contract with the CIA at the time. Morell, along with other former officials, was on the CIA payroll while orchestrating this politically motivated operation. The report stated, “Without this outreach from Blinken, Morell would not have written the statement.”

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In the lead-up to the 2020 U.S. presidential election, the Hunter Biden laptop story became a major flashpoint in the political landscape. When the New York Post published articles based on emails purportedly from Hunter’s laptop, which suggested potentially compromising business dealings involving his father, then-candidate Joe Biden, many prominent Democrats and former intelligence officials quickly moved to label the story as Russian disinformation.

Citing concerns over foreign interference in the election, these officials released a public statement asserting that the story had all the hallmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign designed to influence the outcome of the election. This statement was bolstered by 51 former intelligence officials who signed onto the claim, emphasizing their professional assessment despite acknowledging that they had no direct evidence of Russian involvement.

Prominent Democrats echoed these sentiments, claiming the risks of foreign interference and cautioning the public against taking the laptop story at face value. The Biden campaign seized upon this narrative during debates and public appearances, with Joe Biden himself referencing the intelligence officials’ statement to deflect attacks from then-President Trump. This concerted effort aimed to cast doubt on the authenticity of the emails and the laptop itself, positioning the revelations as part of a broader scheme by Russia to meddle in the election.

Social media platforms also played a role by limiting the dissemination of the story, citing concerns over spreading potentially harmful disinformation. These actions contributed to the prevailing narrative that the laptop story was not credible and should be viewed with suspicion, significantly shaping public perception during a critical period of the presidential campaign.

“We knew that the rushed statement from the 51 former intelligence officials was a political maneuver between the Biden campaign and the intelligence community,” said Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH). “Now with this interim report, we reveal how officials at the highest levels of the CIA were aware of the statement and CIA employees knew that several of the so-called former officials were on active contract with the CIA.”

The report also uncovered internal CIA emails and testimonies that show deep concerns within the agency about the political nature of the statement. One email from a CIA employee expressed frustration, stating, “This frustrates me. I don’t think it is helpful to the Agency in the long run.”

Moreover, the report showed that then-CIA Director Gina Haspel and other top officials were aware of the statement before its publication. Despite the extraordinary nature of the statement and its potential impact on the election, senior CIA leadership did not intervene to ensure a thorough review process, allowing the politically charged statement to proceed without sufficient scrutiny.

The motivation behind the statement is made clear in communications between Morell and other signatories. An email from Morell to potential signatories outlines the explicit goal: “We think Trump will attack Biden on the issue at this week’s debate and we want to give the [Vice President] a talking point to use in response.”

The report goes on to detail the misuse of intelligence community resources and the leveraging of former officials’ titles to sway public opinion and protect the Biden campaign from damaging revelations. Committee members conclude with a call for legislative action to safeguard democratic processes and ensure that intelligence officials do not exploit their positions for partisan gain.

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