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FOX News Media has announced the promotion of Peter Doocy to Senior White House Correspondent. In his new role, Doocy will continue his extensive coverage of the President of the United States and administration-related activities both domestically and internationally.

Jay Wallace, president and executive editor at FOX News Media, expressed his enthusiasm for Doocy’s advancement in a press release Monday, stating, “Peter’s commitment to providing viewers with hourly news and insight from the White House has remained steadfast since he started in this role straight off the 2020 campaign trail and we’re thrilled to have him continue doing so.”

Doocy’s journey in journalism has been marked by his consistent presence on the front lines of significant political and breaking news events. Since joining FOX News as a New York-based general assignment reporter in 2009, after graduating from Villanova University with a B.A. in political science, Doocy has covered every major political election since 2009. His reporting has taken him from the recent 80th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy to the ongoing conflicts in Israel and Ukraine, as well as following Joe Biden on the campaign trail.

Doocy said, “I am honored to continue bringing our viewers the latest on the news that impacts them the most from White House and around the globe.” His career highlights include hosting FOX Nation’s “Strike Zone: The Congressional Baseball Shooting” and an FNC documentary titled “The Man Who Killed Usama bin Laden,” which featured the first interview with Navy Seal Rob O’Neill.


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Peter Doocy is well-known for being the son of Steve Doocy, the television personality and co-host of “Fox & Friends,” one of FOX News’s flagship morning shows. Growing up in a family deeply embedded in the media industry, Peter was exposed to journalism from a young age, which influenced his career path.

Soon after his graduation, he joined FOX News, where he started as a general assignment reporter based in New York. Over the years, Doocy has developed a reputation for his on-the-spot reporting and has been recognized for his ability to handle high-pressure situations during live broadcasts. He has also been noted for his unique interviewing style, particularly during press conferences, where he often manages to elicit noteworthy responses from public figures, including Presidents.

Doocy has had notable interactions with key figures in the Biden administration, including President Joe Biden himself and the White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre. One of the most memorable moments occurred during a press conference when Biden, responding to a question from Doocy, jokingly called him a “stupid son of a bitch.” The comment made headlines and was widely discussed in the media. Biden later called Doocy to clear the air, suggesting that despite the sharp exchange, there was an underlying professional respect.


Doocy’s interactions with KJP have been part of his regular engagement at press briefings, where he frequently asks probing questions that reflect the perspective of his viewer base. The questions often challenge the administration’s policies or statements, leading to exchanges that can be both tense and newsworthy. Jean-Pierre has navigated these interactions by sticking closely to the administration’s talking points.

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