Elon Musk Eviscerates Democrat ‘Traitors’ For Refusing To Support Election Integrity Bill


Tesla, X and Space X owner Elon Musk did not mince words when he took aim at House Democrats for refusing to support a bill that would bolster election integrity and ensure that non-citizens are unable to vote in U.S. elections.

Musk was speaking in response to an X post from House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) that detailed the Republican-endorsed SAVE Act.

The legislation would require state election officials to ask about citizenship before providing voter registration forms. There is currently no requirement to provide proof of citizenship in order to receive federal voting forms. According to a recent report from the New York Post, this has led to non-citizens receiving voting forms in 49 states.

The SAVE Act would also allow state officials to accept a wide variety of documents that will make it easy for citizens to register to vote in federal elections, provide states with access to federal agency databases so they can remove noncitizens from voter rolls and confirm citizenship for individuals lacking proof of citizenship, and direct the Department of Homeland Security to determine whether to conduct removal proceedings if a noncitizen has been identified as having registered to vote in federal elections

It would further require DHS to notify a state chief election official whenever an individual has been naturalized to ensure our newest citizens are able to exercise their right to vote.

In reference to Speaker Johnson’s X thread in which he laid out the objectives of the legislation, Musk provided a simple yet scathing statement.

“Those who oppose this are traitors. All Caps: TRAITORS,” he wrote. “What is the penalty for traitors again?”

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