BREAKING: Bill Maher Officially Calls For Biden To Drop Out, Reveals His Top Dem Pick


Following a challenging performance in last Thursday’s debate, President Joe Biden faced widespread scrutiny within his party. Concerns escalated over the weekend as Democrats debated both publicly and privately about potentially replacing him with a more capable candidate. The issues were put head on when HBO host Bill Maher published a guest essay in the New York Times on Monday, urging Biden to withdraw from the election.

The reaction stemmed from Biden’s debate appearance, where he struggled with responding to questions from CNN moderators, at times appearing to freeze. In a revealing opinion piece “Why I Want an Open Convention,” Maher advocated for a new approach in the Democratic Party, suggesting that an open convention could reinvigorate the party and better position it for the upcoming election. He started by addressing the recurring jokes about Biden’s age, saying that ignoring the obvious is not an option.

He wrote, “I can’t ignore the obvious; none of us can. And I’m not going to mindlessly echo mendacious talking points like, ‘He has a cold.’” Maher illustrated the dissatisfaction with the status quo and the need for an assessment of Biden’s capability to lead. Reflecting on the debate, Maher described it as a “blessing in disguise” rather than a tragedy, pushing the idea that it’s time for Biden to step aside.

“What happened at the debate last week wasn’t a tragedy; it was a blessing in disguise. I called on Mr. Biden to step aside almost a year ago, warning that he would be forever known as ‘Ruth Bader Biden’ if he didn’t.”

Maher also drew parallels with historical and cultural references to emphasize the need for change. He compared the current political scenario to a TV show that has “jumped the shark,” suggesting that the Democratic Party needs new characters to maintain public interest and engagement. “If our presidential politics were a TV show, it would be a series past its prime in desperate need of new characters.”

Central to Maher’s argument is the potential excitement and rejuvenation an open convention could bring. He envisions a dynamic contest among diverse candidates, which could captivate the public’s interest much like a reality show. He lists potential contenders with enthusiasm for the drama and unpredictability such a convention could unleash: “Who will get the rose this August in Chicago? Gavin or Gretchen? Suddenly, Stacey Abrams might say she’s in! And so might Tim Ryan and Josh Shapiro! And Amy Klobuchar and Ruben Gallego!” Maher asked.

In the end, however, Maher explicitly endorsed California Governor Gavin Newsom as a strong candidate, citing his capabilities and media presence as key advantages over Biden. “My pick would be Gavin Newsom. Watching him make the case against Mr. Trump in the pre-debate interviews and defend Mr. Biden post-debate reminded me: This guy is good at this.”

Last week, the odds of Newsom leading the presidential ticket surged, tripling his chances to one-in-four. Newsom has long been a subject of presidential speculation. Despite skepticism from voters who prefer he focus solely on state issues, Newsom now finds himself at the heart of national political discussions.

Finally, Maher called for a conversation about Biden’s capacity to continue in office, suggesting that senior statesmen from his party should advise him to step aside for the good of the country. “But the criticism of ageism has credibility only if we admit that there is some time when age inevitably catches up to all of us. Thank you for your service, Joe, but that time, for you, is now.”

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